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Guys...Burn Body Fat

Ex-Soldier And "Master Fitness Trainer" Uncovers The US Military's Top Secrets For How To Transform YOUR Body Into A "Lean, Mean, Fat-Burning Machine"
In The Shortest Time Possible!

I'm Talking In As Little As
45 Minutes A Day...3 Days A Week...

...And Without Even Leaving Your
Home If You Wish!

It's TRUE! Now YOU can have the lean, sexy body you've always wanted by using the same exact strategies used by the MEN AND WOMEN of the world's finest military units!

In This Special Report...

How I Transformed My Flabby, 40-Year Old, Out-Of-Shape Body Into A "Fitness Model Physique" In Just 12 WEEKS Using "Classified" Secrets From The U.S. Military's Cutting Edge Fitness & Nutrition Programs!

A Step-By-Step, Pain-By-Numbers Method To FINALLY Burn Through Stubborn Body Fat...And Become The Envy Of All Your Friends!
How To Trigger "Automatic" Fat Burning Without Counting Calories Or Dragging Yourself Through Insanely Restrictive Diets And Long, Boring Cardio Sessions!

How The U.S. Military Developed The Most Advanced Fitness Program On The Planet That Easily Works For ANYONE - REGARDLESS If You're A Man Or Woman, How Old You Are, Or Your Current Level Fitness!

And A Whole Lot More!

From: The "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson
Subject: How The US Military's "Classified" Fitness Programs Can Be YOUR Personal "Battle Plan" To Defeat Body Fat Once And For All!

Dear Frustrated Fat-Loss Seeker,

Believe it or not, there was a time when I couldn't even write you this letter...

The U.S. Government has spent BILLIONS of dollars on researching and developing the finest fitness program in the world to keep its brave men and women of the armed forces in "combat ready" shape regardless of their age, sex, and level of daily physical activity.

So I don't have to tell you that they've taken extreme measures to keep every single breakthrough under "top secret" lock and key in the hopes of keeping it out of "enemy" hands.

As a Master Fitness Trainer and Weight Control Specialist in the U.S. Military, I've been sworn
by my official "SECRET" Security Clearance
to closely guard the government's

...until NOW!

My name is Jeff Anderson, a 10-year veteran of the armed forces and currently a fitness consultant and trainer.

Commonly known around the world as the "Muscle Nerd", I've published hundreds of articles and fitness programs and built quite a reputation for helping the "Average Joe & Jane" from all walks of life finally achieve their dream body.

But while I've been known as a soldier and "fitness expert" in my life, I'm ALSO an "Average Joe" just like YOU... faced with all of the same challenges!

I'm a husband and a father with a heavy daily workload and all of life's little "responsibilities" piled high on my shoulders.

I'm always strugging to find time to workout in between taking the kids to school, running errands, satisfying "clients", and to make matters worse...I LOVE food!

But over time, work, family responsibilities, lack of exercise and a poor diet caught up with me and before I knew what hit me...

I was 40 years old...overworked...overstressed...
...overfed...and ultimately OVERWEIGHT!

It didn't happen overnight...and it didn't always used to be this way.

I actually grew up a "skinny guy" who could eat pizza by the truckload and never seem to gain a pound. I would even TRY to gain weight and couldn't!

But as I got older, my metabolism began to change and suddenly I found myself in my 40's and facing a new to LOSE weight as I watched layer after layer of disgusting body fat stick to my waist (and yikes...even my chest!) more and more!

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? I mean, be honest...

How many times have you looked at your body in the mirror and felt depressed because you don't understand how you could possibly have let yourself gain so much weight?

Have you tried "dieting"...cardio...personal trainers..."lose weight quick" programs...maybe even "fat burning supplements" and still found that the fat plastered to your waist, hips, butt, or thighs just wouldn't come off?

Are you challenged with the daily struggle of balancing work, family, errands, a social life, preparing meals, and THEN trying to fit in "exercise" to try and beat back your ever-widening waistband?

Let's face's getting harder and
harder to stay "fit" these days!

But one day I finally looked at myself in the mirror and decided I had finally "had enough"!

I was tired of looking "older" than my age...watching my health deteriorate...and what's worse...I noticed I had started to ACCEPT my "new weight"!

So when I finally decided it was time to take back control of my life, my health, and my pants size, I had to look no further than the lessons I'd learned as a hard-charging member of some of the world's most elite military units!

You see, as a Staff Sergeant, I was tasked as a leader to maintain the physicaly readiness of my soldiers and make sure they were always "fit to fight". You see...

In the military, staying "lean"
isn't an's an ORDER!

To keep our troops in top physical condition,
I've attended advanced military training
solely focused on how to take everyone from 18 year old pimple-faced "boys" to "50-something" out-of-shape female officers and whip them into shape in the shortest time possible.

It was my job to monitor, track, and train any soldier in my unit who strayed too far away from a proper diet and exercise routine (and too close to the pizza and beer) and make sure that they were in compliance with the military's "weight standards".

But while you may not think you can identify with a soldier's challenges of staying lean and trim, I can assure you that the same daily problems that keep you from winning the war on fat are the same faced by the men and women of the military as well.

And until now, the methods I used to help "chubby" soldiers gain back control of their belt size and reach peak physical condition again was "classified" and only available to military personel, I've figured out a way to bring you the very BEST fat loss and physical conditioning strategies in the world...without giving up "government secrets".

Due to a little known "loophole" in security policy,
I can FINALLY share with you the breakthough secrets
from the US Government's multi-billion dollar fat-loss research!

Here's why...

While I'm sworn to secrecy to not divulge the exact documented fitness research and program structure outside of the use of active military personnel, nothing actually prohibits my own development of personal fitness programs "based upon" the same strategies we used to stay in top shape on active duty.

That means that I can still use the lessons learned during the advanced Master Fitness training I took part in and create my own customized training strategies for non-military personell!

In short, I can show you exactly how we stayed in perfect physical shape as long as I don't show you our exact documented training manuals and exact troop schedule and agenda.

But gets even BETTER...

Not only have I consolidated the very best nutrition and exercise strategies we used to reveal your lean, muscular body that's eluded you for so long, but through my extensive research in cutting edge breakthroughs in weight loss strategies, I've incorporated my own proven methods for blasting through body fat at breakneck speed to make the military's techniques EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

And I've laid it all out in a simple, easy-to-follow set of manuals that covers absolutely EVERY DETAIL you need to be victorious in your battle against body fat.

"People At Work Now Ask For MY ADVICE!"

"I began Combat The Fat as a bit of a skeptic since I had always heard that long, boring cardio sessions were the key to weight and fat loss.

For the last few years I have been jogging 5 miles or so per day and was sick of that "runner" look.

I'm not a big fan of gyms so the bodyweight exercises in Combat The Fat that could be done at home sold me on the program and I progressed rapidly through each level of the step-by-step training journal!

In the diet department, your program was the BEST! I ate frequently...was never hungry...and never got bored. And you're darn right I took full advantage of the cheat meal!!

In the end, I dropped 12 lbs of stubborn fat...4 inches off my waist...and got completely shredded!

Jeff, I really am incredibly pleased with my results. I FAR exceeded my goal of 10% body fat and I highly recommend your program!!"

~ Scott

Not Convinced You Have What It Takes?
Click Here To See More Amazing "Before & After"
Transformations Of "Average Joe's" Just Like YOU >>


Free DVD Offer"Top Secret" Military Know-How
Meets Modern Day Cutting Edge Research
To Create The Most Effective Fat Burning
Program On The Planet...

Get Ready To..."Combat The Fat"!

That's right...I'm PERSONALLY going to reveal to you every single fat burning strategy I've ever developed, not only as a member of some of the world's most elite military units...but also as a modern researcher of new and exciting weight loss tactics and proven fat burning techniques!

And there's no need to worry about complicated military protocol or jargon because I'm going to put it all into plain English that anyone from husband to housewife...student to to mom can quickly and easily put into action immediately...even from your own home if you wish!

No military acronyms or hard-to-understand mumbo jumbo!

Just the boiled down secrets you need to finally defeat body fat once and for all!

"Sounds GREAT Jeff...

But What 'Military Secrets' Are You Going To Cover
To Help Me Burn More Body Fat?"

Of course, I wouldn't recruit new "soldiers" without making sure you fully understand why the military's advanced fat-blasting strategies are your ticket to the body of your dreams, right?

So let me introduce you to just a sample of the amazing fat loss techniques I'm about to share with youyour 9 Module Agenda, otherwise known as your "fat-blasting weapons arsenal"...

Just Take A Look At What You Get In This
"Take-You-By-The-Hand" Program...




The "Combat The Fat"
Military Fat-Blasting Manual!

The Most Effective
Weight Loss Program On The Planet!




MISSION: Reveal the U.S. Military's most advanced fat-burning strategies combined with the very latest cutting edge research about what it REALLY takes to melt away fat quickly...and PERMANENTLY!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

The real "truth" about weight loss...and why most "experts" and "fat loss guru's" think you're too stupid to understand (or even care) about whether you're staying "healthy" during your fat loss program.
How to burn over 300% more body fat...without ANY additional effort! It's true! This is THE #1 secret for burning fat fast and your ticket to effortless weight loss!
YOU WILL NOT FAIL in this "fat blasting mission"! I'll tell you why you can set aside all your fears and baggage from past failures and know beyond a doubt that THIS time will be different!
Why all the "Simon Says" fat loss gurus are DEAD WRONG about how to "feed" the body to burn through fat! STOP listening to the diet dunces and know that this one single principle I'm going to reveal is the ONLY way you're ever going to fit into your "skinny jeans"!
How to get up to 200% more nutrients from your food and gain the energy of a TEENAGER once again! "Experts" don't like to talk about this topic...but it's time someone did! And that someone is ME!
How a military "experiment" revealed the exact combination of factors you need to target in order to burn the fat covering up your abs! With this information, you'll finally know what it takes to target jiggly goo with "sniper-like" precision!
Your body is SCREAMING for "back up" in a silent "war" 99% of people don't even know about! I'll uncover the TRUTH and show you the path to a longer, healthier, leaner life!
Why your sex drive and your ability to burn fat go hand-in-hand...and how to increase both NATURALLY for a double-barrell shotgun blast of crazy sex hormones AND fat-melting juices!

Men...can SEX make you FATTER? YES...but not if you know this one simple "precaution" you absolutely MUST take!

(No, it's not a condom and it's not a complicated "sex trick"! It's easy and requires no "effort" at all...but will make a HUGE difference in your ability to burn fat AND increase your sexual libido!) to defeat those cursed "female hormones" that slap flab straight onto your abdomen, hips, butt, and thighs! It's finally time for you to release that lean sexy figure that will make you smile in the mirror...and guys smile as you walk by!

How to ignite screaming motivation...even at your weakest moments when you don't feel like exercising and the chocolate cake is calling your name!
How to unleash the hidden "warrior spirit" that lies deep within you...and make it your secret weapon for defeating self doubt and negativity in their tracks!
And Much More!

And What About Fat-Burning Exercise? ARE going to need to sweat a little! But you knew that, right?

But here's my promise to're gonna LOVE every single minute of these incredible training sessions!

I've harnessed 3 of the military's most advanced workout strategies that you won't find anywhere else. These are the "cutting edge" programs I used to transform my "chubby" soldiers into the lean, muscular "warriors" the military expects them to be.

Only I've developed a few little "tricks" to make them even MORE powerful...even if you only have 3 DAYS A WEEK to train!

It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman...or even how strong you are!

Let me show you what I have in store for you in the "Combat The Fat? Workout Guide"...




Military Fat-Burning Exercise:

The Key To FAST Fat Loss
In As Little As 45 Minutes A Day...
...3 Days A Week!


MISSION: Hand you over the U.S. Government's top exercise strategies designed to build lean muscle while burning through body fat at breakneck speed!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Quick! This "crash course" in how to tap into the military's most challenging, effective, AND exciting exercise strategies may alone be worth the price of this program! And best of don't even need to leave your home if you wish!
How the "Average Joe & Jane" can burn fat like "G.I. Joe & Jane" breakneck speed...and in just 3 short workouts per week!
The invisiblle "force field" your body has in place that shuts down your ability to burn the most fat during exercise...and how to penetrate it like a Starship Enterprise photon torpedo to force your body to melt away fat no matter how much of a fight it puts up!
Weight training? Cardio Training? Which burns fat the fastest? The answers will SHOCK YOU (This one concept alone will make me the bitter "sworn enemy" of the other "fitness guru's" out there! But the truth must be revealed!
No gym, no weights, no problem! How to achieve a soldier's body without even the expense of a gym membership! Train at HOME or the GYM! choose!
Covers EVERY fitness level from complete BEGINNER to "Navy SEAL" level! No one gets left behind!
Burn fat DURING...and AFTER your workouts! The CTF workouts pack a 1-2 punch to body fat by forcing your body to not only burn fat while you're training...but also continue your fat burning long after you've stopped exercising!
Complete exercise descriptions (with pictures!) so you know EXACTLY how to perform each exercise the correct way!
Printable WORKOUT LOGS for every single day...every single routine...every single level! This is literally as easy as painting-by-numbers! I've done ALL the work for you (short of actually exercising of course ;-)!
And Much More!

Eat MORE Food...Burn MORE FAT!

One of the main problems with so many of the diets that litter the graveyard of "fad programs" on the bookshelves is the miserable restrictions they force you to undertake in order to get your calories down.

I'm here to tell you they are DEAD WRONG in their approach to "eating to lose weight"!

What if I told you that the answer to fast, permanent fat loss is NOT to "eat less"?

And what if I told you I could sum up your entire "daily eating strategy" with just 8 SIMPLE RULES that allowed you to eat MORE food...without having to count a single calorie..and was absolutely DELICIOUS?!


Well, it's all TRUE and it's all covered in my easy-to-follow companion "Combat The Fat? Nutrition Program"...




Nutritional Fire Power:

Eating To Burn Fat...Build Muscle...
And Generate
Endless Energy
All Day Long!


MISSION: To convince you that food is NOT your matter what mis-informed "experts" may tell you!

Food is actually your powerful ALLY in the war against the evil blubber that's taken your body hostage...IF you know these healthy guidelines that are simple, easy-to-follow...and DELICIOUS!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

STOP counting calories! I'll show you an simpler, more effective method that will make your nutrition program easy-to-follow, healthier, and literally FORCE your body to burn more fat!
How to instantly turn on your body's "fat burning" genes as easy as flipping a light switch...and burn fat all day long!
Dieting = Restriction + Deprivation + PAIN! No wonder it never works! I'll show you what DOES!
"Take in less calories than you burn off and you'll lose weight", right? WRONG! I'll set the record straight on this outdated fat loss concept...and how to eat more to burn more!
"Fat Burning Supplements"! What really works...and what's a waste of time and money! (Hint: The ones that DO work are all CHEAP!)
The Combat The Fat "Daily Diet Guide": Can you count from 1-8? Then you can master my easy-to-follow daily eating plan without having to break out your calculator!
Stop The Madness! There are over 30,000 low calorie "fad diets" approved by the FDA! I'll cut through all the B.S. and I'll show you just how simple it is to plan your day's meals so you never have to worry about eating to lose weight again!
And Much More!

Sound like a lot of information? Well, you're IS!

You see, my goal is to give you EVERYTHING you could every need to finally take control of your ability to burn through stubborn body fat while increasing muscular definition for that lean, sexy look you've longed for for so long.

I've held absolutely NOTHING back with revealing the exact "military" tactics for getting in the best shape of your life (short of tempting the men in "black suits" to come knocking on my door ;-)

So as you can see, you don't need to "enlist" in the Marines in order to have the body of a "warrior"!

ANYONE can take advantage of this easy-to-follow
"battle plan" and banish belly fat forever!

(When She Took His Final Measurements!)

When I started the Combat The Fat Challenge, my wife laughed at my waist measurement!

I was NOT a 'happy camper'...but that was a great motivator!

All I can say is that my wife did NOT laugh when she measured me for my final photo and I'm VERY pleased with the results!

I'm 15 pounds lighter...shed 4 inches off my waist...dropped 2 belt loops... and went from 25% body fat down to just 19%!

Not bad for just turning 48 last Thursday...not bad at all! Thanks Jeff!"

~ Ben

Not Convinced You Have What It Takes?
Click Here To See More Amazing "Before & After"
Transformations Of "Average Joe's" Just Like YOU >>

Now The Only Question Is... much will it cost " to transform your body to "fitness model" proportions and finally reveal the "real you", right?

Well, if you were to sign up with me as an "individual client", you and I would meet 3 X week at my normal $75 per 30-minute session rate. All in all, that would cost you as much as $11,700 a year to train with me...AND you'd have to live near MY gym!

Heck, I've even seen programs advertised on television that don't cover HALF as much as the information I'm about to share with you for as much as $147!

But staying true to my role of sticking up for the "Average Joe (and Jane)", I realize that even that steep of a price tag takes my program WAY out of the reach of most of the people I'm looking to help.

Besides...what I'm looking for are SUCCESS in order to get my material into the hands of the men and women who can really use it, I've decided to keep the price SUPER low and really start a "movement" of new "recruits" to help me spread the word!

Therefore, true to my committment to make this an absolute STEAL for you, I'm only going to charge a nominal fee of just $39.95!

No, that's NOT a typo...that really IS just $39.95 for the WHOLE PROGRAM! Start to finish!

Think about could EASILY spend 30 TIMES that much on personal trainers, worthless "fat burner" supplements, nutrition coaches, and "Hollywood diets" and it would STILL only be about half my normal rate!

But for a limited time, I'm offering you a chance to "enlist" in the one diet and exercise program that has worked for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of men and women every day!

And just to remove every last scrap of doubt from your mind that the Combat The Fat? program is your absolute BEST CHANCE to finally defeat stubborn body fat, I'm going to PERSONALLY back up my promise to you with my 100% Full Money Back Guarantee...


There Is NO WAY To Lose With My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm so sure that the Combat The Fat? Program will completely transform your body no matter how many pounds you want to lose, that I'm backing it up with my personal guarantee!

Order today and I'll give you 8 FULL WEEKS to train with these powerful lessons!  If you're not ecstatic about how great you look & feel in the mirror, just contact me within that time and I'll refund 100% of your money!

No Questions Asked!



And just when you were convinced this was already a "sweet deal", let me make it a complete "no brainer" for you...

Let me make this a complete "No Brainer"
for you by throwing in these
to make sure you have every "weapon"
you'll ever need in your "war on fat"...

6 Full Weeks Of Complete Fat-Burning Meal Plans!
(Downloadable .PDF Menus)

VALUE: $90.00?

Sure it's easy for celebrities to drop off all that unwanted body fat for their next big role...they all have professional Hollywood nutritionists and personal chefs to do all the work for them!

But while the Combat The Fat Nutrition Program? is simple to follow in order to eat to burn fat...I realize that some of you may need a little more "support"

That's why I've teamed up with my friends at Empowered Nutrition to bring you my custom-designed CTF Meal Plans to map out every single day's meals!

It's the next best thing to having your own personal nutritionist!

Here are just a few of the highlights you'll find in this exclusive, printable day-by-day treasure:

Custom programmed for YOUR needs! These aren't "one-size-fits-all" meal plans! You choose your level and we do all the rest of the work for you (short of preparing the meals, of course! ;-)
No "calorie counting" or guesswork! Every single meal is laid out for you in the exact nutrient level you need to keep on burning and get in the best shape of your life! CAN make meals that are FAST...SIMPLE...and DELICIOUS! This is NOT your typical "barley and carrots diet" plan! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to whip together a fantastic meal that will incinerate fat cells...and taste great!
"No Experience Necessary!" I don't care if you have a hard time even boiling water! You'll get simple step-by-step preparation instructions that are rarely even longer than 40 words! (But they'll taste like they were prepared by a "Master Chef"!

With these incredible "Print & Prepare " Meal Plans
I've done practically ALL the work for you

Military Manual Excerpt:
How To Measure Your Body Fat... Quick...Easy...And WITHOUT
Special Equipment!

(Downloadable .PDF eBook)

VALUE: $19.95?

Professional body fat testing is the surest way to see if your fat loss program is providing you with the results you're looking to achieve.

Unfortunately, testing can cost between $50 - $100 for each reading

This manual is a direct excerpt from the official U.S. military's Weight Control Manual...only I've simplified it for "civilian" use.

Learn how you can accurately calculate your personal body fat percentage in the privacy of your own home with absolutely no fancy gadgets or special equipment!

All you need is a cheap measuring tape from any department store and these step-by-step instructions straigth from my military manuals and in just 5 minutes you'll know exactly how much of your body composition is fat and how much is lean tissue...invaluable information for use with the AGT 5000 software and your diet calculations in the Combat The Fat? program.

"AGT 5000" Body-Tracking
Software Program

(Downloadable .EXE Software Program for Windows -
Mac alternative available upon request


The mirror and scale can be deceptive tools in getting feedback on how well your fat loss program is performing.

The scale doesn't tell you how much of the weight you've gained or lost is fat and how much is muscle.

The mirror...well, it can either be your best friend...or your worst enemy! Either has a tendency to lie!

When you sign up for the Combat The Fat? Program, you'll also get my incredible "AGT 5000" software program that allows you to automatically track your bodyfat levels and your EXACT muscle gains/fat loss.

Just enter your calculated body fat readings and your body part measurements and the "AGT 5000" will then instantly tell you how much of your wait gain or loss was from muscle and how much was from fat.

You'll get valuable feedback on your progress through 2 separate graphs and you can even have multiple users on the program so workout partners or family members can track their progress as well!

Bonus Audio Session!

Answers To The Your Most Burning
Combat The Fat? Questions!

(Downloadable .mp3 file )


I recently held a "closed door" LIVE CTF Coaching Program for my current clients where they submitted their hottest questions about how to burn body fat using my powerful powerful principles...and I answered them all!

No gaps were left unfilled as we covered over 90 MINUTES of hardcore fat-burning advice on a variety of topics including:
Detailed Diet Considerations
Fine Tuning Your Exercise Programs
Tips To Stay Motivated
Finding Time To Train
And So Much More!

( Plus...1-On-1 Coaching!)

"I'll Coach You Every Step Of The Way
To Your "Dream Body"!

(Physical DVD shipped to you + access to
private coaching & additional bonuses

(Just pay postage & handling)

This is the MOTHER of all fat loss bonuses!

A REAL DVD (no...NOT a bunch of YouTube videos!) shipped to your door, anywhere in the world, that will walk you through the entire CTF Training Program!

This is offered ONLY to CTF "soldiers" who sign up for my program and show their committment to achieving REAL RESULTS!

You'll see this special FREE OFFER (you just pay a small S&H cover) on the download page for your other items.

There's NO OBLIGATION to take the's your choice...but if you DO want the extra help, here's what you'll get along with it...
Group Coaching Sessions!
1-On-1 Coaching (Anywhere In The World!)
Bonus Video Lessons!
Peer "Support Network" To Keep You Motivated!
Exclusive Offers!
And So Much More!

And That's Not All...

STEP-BY-STEP "6-Pack Abs" Program Along With Your DVD!

My clients have paid up to $34.95 just to get their hands on this exclusive ab-shredding program!

But it's yours FREE just for test-driving my CTF Bootcamp "Inner Circle Coaching Group"!

Ok, I know this is a lot to take in, so let me break this down exactly what we're talking about...

In This
Special Offer
Cost If Bought Separately
The Combat The Fat?
"Military Fat Loss" Manual
The Combat The Fat? Workout Guide
The Combat The Fat?
Nutrition Program
6 Full Weeks Of Combat The Fat? Meal Plans
Special Manual: "How To Measure Your Body Fat"
Anabolic Growth Tracker 5000 Software Program
90+ Minute Bonus Audio mp3: "Combat The Fat FAQ's"
The "Combat The Fat" Training DVD + Coaching + "6-Pack In 6 Weeks" Program
Total If Purchased Separately:
Take Advantage Of This Special Offer And Pay Just:
$147 $39.95


Think about it...

I mean, considering the hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of dollars you'll spend on personal trainers, nutrition counseling, doctors visits, and worthless supplements over the next several months...

The Combat The Fat? Program...
Will Actually PAY FOR ITSELF!

To sign up now, all you need to do is click on the button below and you'll be sent directly to the signup page where you can access the entire program and all of your special bonuses.

There's no need to wait because you'll get immediate access and can begin your weight-loss attack plan TODAY!

Internet Security Note:

The secure order form you will use will look like this:

I look forward to training with you soldier!

Your "Fat Burning Commander",

The "Muscle Nerd"
Jeff Anderson

P.S. - As you can see, I'm FULLY COMMITTED to making this the year you FINALLY take control of how you look and feel!

I'm going to hand over every single "weapon" in my "fat loss arsenal" to make sure you have everything you need to be victorious in your own war against body fat.

P.S.S. - Remember...this program is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! You can't find this information ANYWHERE but in my Combat The Fat? program...and it's ONLY available through this website to be sure to Click Here to order now, ok?

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