"How To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere And Know Exactly What To Say To Get Her To Give You Her Number And Go On A Date With You - NOW"

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Personal note today:

Women have tried to have my guide

As of today, I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to sell it...


Because they don't want YOU to have the power of sexual selection they have gained over the past 20 years or so since women's earning power increased and their reliance on a male "provider" disappeared...

And I have to say... I'm not too sure how long I will be able to keep selling it... Because of the pressure certain influential women have put on my publisher's company...

And I have to be honest with you... I've sold many thousands of copies of my books (20,440 copies at last count) and it's made me richer than I ever expected... I don't say this to brag, I say it to let you know, I'll FIGHT to keep selling my books as long as there are GOOD guys out there who need my help... But I've made my money, and my health matters more to me than money right now.

But I have MADE a PROMISE... I WILL continue selling my guide for as long as possible, even though it's becoming a daily struggle. Here's my promise...


After that, I cannot promise anything

I don't HATE women, I AM one... But I want YOU to realize that finally, men like you ARE able to pick and choose your women once again... If you know the mental triggers you need to know to fire genuine feelings of attraction in the opposite sex. This is what they want to stop me from showing you.

Tiffany Taylor
Press the play button above and turn up your headphones or speakers, I want to talk to you about my unique system that will help you to attract women and seduce them with ease (it might take a few moments to load)

Uncover Powerful Insider Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Sex Life And Make Wonderful Women Beg You To Date Them - Even If You Are Bald, Fat Or Ugly!

Guy Gets Girl? Is The 1st And Only Step-By-Simple-Step - Pickup, Dating And Seduction Guide On The Internet Written For Men...
By A Woman!

IMPORTANT: Do not do ANYTHING else in your LIFE until you've read the contents of this box!

It may be an eye opener...

Give me a minute of your time right now, and let me PROVE to you that regardless of your looks, age and financial standing ? YOU can make young beautiful women attracted to you, seduce them at your leisure and make them fall in love with you with frightening regularity.

After reading what I have to say, other guys will look and wonder HOW? WHY? They?ll worship you for being able to attract and seduce women at your will - so easily.

We aren?t talking about magic here or baloney either? We?re talking about PROVEN simple steps you can take that will make a woman fall for you? big time. Every time. And with scientific like success rates!

You see, attraction is MORE of a SCIENCE than an art form.

See, as humans, we all have two ways of thinking. Number 1 is using logic or our conscious minds. Number 2 is using emotion or our subconscious minds.

The great thing about seducing women is that they are HARD WIRED to follow their emotional thoughts and feelings that are the same across ALL women? They cannot help it. That?s why so many women fall for the same ?ass hole? guys. Their logical brains are telling them that they?ll be cheated on. That they?ll be messed around. That they?d be better off with the nice guy. And they are usually right, but women are RUN by their emotional side of the brain. They can?t help but seek out the excitement, the alpha male, the bad boy.

Now I?m not for one moment trying to suggest you should become a ?bad boy? ass hole, but I?m DEFINITELY saying that if you are frustrated in the dating game, chances are you?ve tried the nice guy way already and it simply doesn?t work at anything other than becoming their ?friend? which is the LAST thing you want. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT suggesting you should become a ?bad boy?? Read on?

With my unique system I can make you trigger ALL of the emotional attraction switches in the female mind within 7 minutes ? without acting like you are somebody else ? and get the same success that those few same guys get, all for yourself.

It?s as simple as this?

If you do and say certain things in a certain way then women WILL become attracted to you. They can?t help it. Women have emotionally evolved brains that DENY logic and make decisions based solely on feelings ? when it comes to who they are attracted to.

And you know what evolution has done for you also?

Made it so that YOUR looks are only 20% of what a woman is looking for. And if you happen to be above a certain ?acceptable? levels of looks (and let me tell you, this level is low, lots of UGLY guys make the grade) then you can bypass this 20% TOTALLY and make the whole of a woman?s attraction be about WHO you are and HOW you act, instead of what you look like, or how much you get paid?

Let me state that more simply.

Use my techniques and it will NOT matter if you are good looking or not, whether you are rich or not, whether you are bald or fat.. ALL of that WON?T MATTER ONE LITTLE BIT. You can ?turn off? that side of her brain and have almost any woman in your spell.

Sound good? Read on?

From the Desk of Tiffany Taylor
Monday 10:15 am

Never before has a woman thrown out the rulebook and exposed every last intimate secret about what it takes to get a great woman. These secrets are vital to your success and - it's important that you understand them to get you into the lives, hearts and beds of beautiful women!

  • Are you tired of women passing you by without a second glance?
  • Are you fed up with being alone or having to settle for ugly or average looking women?
  • Are you annoyed how the same few guys seem to get all the great girls when you don't get any?
  • Are you scared of the dating scene and unsure how to approach and talk to women?

You're not alone... It seems the only guys who get lucky these days are the ones who know something you don't.

The modern day Casanovas and studs understand what a woman wants and they know how to manipulate a woman to their sexual advantage.

The Biggest MYTH Is That You Have To Be Good-Looking, Rich Or Well Endowed To Get A Woman...

It does NOT matter if you are ugly, bald or fat!

It does NOT matter what age you are - 18 or 80!

It does NOT matter if you have a low paying job!

You find this hard to believe right?

Most guys do, but let me tell you this...

Whatever your appearance, age or occupation, I can transform you into the man that women will be fighting over.

After following my advice for dating and pickup success, women will flock to you from all corners of the bar, restaurant or even the supermarket. Literally anywhere you go, women will want to date you, and the best thing is, they won't know why!

Women Will Be Like Putty In Your Hands!

In my groundbreaking guide here at GuyGetsGirl.com?, you'll discover how to approach women you thought were out of your league and get them to want you.

I'll show you how to manipulate the dating game in your favor so you walk away with hot dates, every single night and your friends will be so jealous they'll beg you to let them in on your secret!

Do you want to be the guy who's successful with any woman he desires? Well, starting today - you can be!

"Hi Tiff, I'm just writing to let you know that at first I was skeptical. I mean, how can one woman such as yourself know what EVERY woman wants? Surely every woman is different!

I was wrong, you've enlightened me! Even though women don't all want the exact same kind of man, they do want certain attributes in every man.

Well, I am happy to say, I took the plunge and read your work. Yours is the best dating and seduction guide I have ever read... It's genius! I can't believe that you've ratted on your fellow female race in this way... Chapter 4 really helped me advance my dating skills!

My success with women has gone through the roof and I think I have finally figured out just what women really do want!

Thank you Tiff, you've changed my life!"

S. R. England

Forget all that you've learned about dating women up until now? If you've learned it from a man, chances are, it doesn't work!

Most of the well known dating and seduction guides on the Internet which are written for men, by men, fail to realize one thing?

Only A Woman TRULY Knows What A Woman Wants...

Tiffany Taylor Is Going To Show You Exactly What That Is!

Tiffany Taylor: Attraction and seduction expert My name is Tiffany Taylor and I'm an award winning author of dozens of articles, several books and training courses on the subject of dating. I've had bucket loads of experience in the dating game and I know every aspect of how it all works... A mechanic studies cars, a soldier studies war. You might say, I've got a degree in the dating game - from both angles. The male and the female.

I've earned national and international publishing credentials, changing millions of lives for the better with articles on subjects ranging on every detail of the dating game. From how to succeed in Internet dating to methods of extreme sexual satisfaction.

Never before have I completed a project of this size. I have literally dissected the dating game from first base, to scintillating sexual encounters and I've written it for you - a man, from a woman's perspective.

This HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE and this is the very reason this online manual is ultra powerful and I absolutely guarantee will turn you into a superstar with the ladies, regardless of your current situation.

I'm telling you now, I am the woman who is going to turn you into an irresistible female magnet. In my unique guide here at GuyGetsGirl.com?, I expose all the hot pickup techniques that REALLY work - and even those that don't.

I'll take you by the hand and turn you into the sort of guy that every woman wants! It really doesn't matter if you're ugly, poor or have no confidence - once I'm done with you, YOU WILL HAVE GREAT SUCCESS WITH WOMEN!

I Will Turn You Into The Guy That Women Go Crazy Over And Want To Date And Sleep With!

You should know by now, there are NO easy one-liners that actually work well. Girls hear one-liners all the time and when they hear a cheesy line from you, they presume you're after one thing and then they reject you!

The more times you're rejected, the harder the dating game seems and the lower your confidence plummets.

You Will NEVER Be Hurt By Rejection Again!

I'll show you how to approach women you've never talked to before even if you're the ultimate shy guy.

I'll show you step-by-step what to say to them, how to steer the conversation and ultimately get them to either date you or engage in a gratifying one-night encounter with you.

These are big promises I know, but I am 100% confident that I can help you to get hot honeys, meet wonderful women, and experience superb sex!

There are a few highly guarded secrets which only women know - and I'll reveal them to you. These are simple yet powerful tricks that work each and every time and are so easy to learn, you'll be doing them by this weekend! All of these tips are described in easy to read detail within my guide.

The SECRETS You Are Going To Learn Today Will Have You In Total Control Of Every Female Encounter

Here is a sample of what you will learn:

  • Use my "ABCs of Appearances and Anxiety" system to redesign yourself and make women who wouldn't look at you before, stop dead in their tracks with jaw dropping ease!

  • My "Mental Spotlight Positioning" technique will enable you to overcome any shyness or reservedness so that you'll be able storm into the lives of beautiful women with ease and regularity!

  • Discover 5 Places where you'll find the hottest dates who are receptive to your advances - sites that almost every other guy hasn't yet considered!

  • When you unveil my "Attitude is Everything" approach you'll see your success rate with first meetings double overnight!

  • My "Scoping" technique will give you even more women than you knew existed.

  • My unique "FFIMD" (Fear of Foot in Mouth Disease) method will tell you what you NEED to know before approaching a woman.

  • What to look for and how you can tell, even without talking to the girl, if she's up for it or not.

  • Read her body language and have ultimate power by picking up on what she's thinking but not saying.

  • Appear to read her thoughts simply by glancing in her direction - cluing you into exactly what she's up to!

  • Learn the best conversation starters, and what topics to avoid to make every conversation you have a magical experience - so that she will never be bored talking to you again.

  • I'll show you my exclusive romantic evening secret that will take any relationship from casual dating to full blown steamy (and regular) sex in just one night. No guy could have envisioned this scenario, but it works great with EVERY single woman and can be used over and over again!

  • Learn the 4 best places to take a girl on a date, to guarantee you'll see her again. They don't even cost as much as a meal at a cheap restaurant, but they are infinitely more enjoyable for her!

  • How to plan the perfect date and avoid all the "clich?s" that men think are crafty, but are really the biggest mistakes that you should avoid at all costs!

  • How to get into one-night stands with ease, and get out of them even easier, should you need to - without anyone getting hurt.

  • Learn my "sex in the sack" pleasure principles women wish you knew - become the best lover she's ever had!

  • Discover how to take a relationship to the next level, and have your woman wanting it even more than you do.

  • You'll learn my "Ten Commandments to Win Over a Woman" techniques that will make sure your success with women is catapulted from today onwards.

Try It Risk-Free: Using Tested Psychological Secrets Of The Female Mind Will Automatically Give You More Dates, With Hotter Women And Ultimately (If you want it) Cause More Sex With The Woman or Women Of Your Dreams... Or I'll Give You Your Money Back AND I?ll Let You Keep My Book And Bonuses ? Absolutely FREE.

That?s How Certain I Am The Secrets In This Book
Can Immediately Help You!

I'll show you how to become the man that women REALLY want - really quickly - something you could never learn from a man!

I'm going to show you:

  • How to attract beautiful women
  • How to seduce a woman easily and properly
  • How to turn women on in seconds
  • How to get women into bed as often as you like
  • Transform yourself into a guy women want, even if you are poor or ugly
  • Learn how to use body language to your advantage
  • Develop a tractor beam personality that draws women to you
  • Boost your charisma 200% instantly
  • Develop the ultra confidence of a superstar
  • Become a man that women yearn to sleep with
  • Become a fluid conversationalist that women love spending time with
  • How to make that girl you really want, fall in love with you
  • Learn about Internet dating and how to tap a never ending supply of great women
  • How to create bio-electric sexual chemistry
  • Get women to pick you up
  • How to understand women and use it to your sexual advantage

By Choosing To Do NOTHING... Are You CHOOSING To Live Your Life As The Man Who Beautiful Women Ignore? Take Action Right Now



I'll teach you how to get the girl YOU want, and how to keep her. Whether you're looking for quick sex and one-night stands, or a long-term partner to settle down with for the rest of your life, I'm going to show you how to do it.



Did you know that most pickup guides being sold on the Internet right now were written in the 1990's?

There are still some dating guides on sale that were written back in the 1980's!

The fact of the matter is, you won't know whether the dating information you have works or not, until you try it. So if you have purchased a guide in the past that didn't work, I guess I don't need to tell you why. If this is your first time searching for a competitive advantage in the dating game let me tell you this, dating has changed SO much over the past 2 years, never mind the past 20!


GuyGetsGirl.com? is the only manual written by a woman who really knows, and was written originally written in 2003 and has been expanded and updated for action. Here's why:

  • The only dating and pickup guide written by a woman for men
  • Methods that really work with every woman
  • Lifetime membership for one low price
  • Professionally written and very easy to read and understand
  • 3 great free bonuses
  • A unique approach never covered before
  • Instant access, you could be picking up and sleeping with great women this weekend!
  • A one-time fee - no hidden charges!
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Written in 2003 and updated for - brand new and fresh techniques
  • Regular FREE updates


Learn how to attract beautiful women. Gone are the days of having to put up with second best. Why only get what is offered to you, when you can be the guy who gets to choose what he wants? Now you can only accept the most beautiful women that you want!

How to seduce a woman quickly and easily. Not only will you learn how to chat to women with confidence and style, but you'll also learn how to get them to want you. Turn a woman who is too 'angelic' for sex, into a sex crazed lunatic that wants nothing more than to have sex with you right now!

What to do to turn a woman on in just seconds. Certain words and emotional exploits can help give you an edge in the dating game, but when you've learned some of our techniques, you may find women get really horny really quickly and they might be trying to rip off your clothes!

How to get women into bed. Learn what to say, how to act and where to touch to make women jump into bed with you in a flash!

Ugly? poor? Fat? Who cares! It's true, being ugly or fat puts most women off. But not after you've learned my tricks! Women will subconsciously forget what you look like and will act on every word you say. There's no hypnotism or mind control involved. Just a deep understanding of the female psyche and an explanation of how to press those mental buttons inside every woman's head.

Learn how to use body language to your advantage. Body language is more powerful than you could ever imagine. From one glance, you can tell so much about a woman it is scary. You will learn to use these silent signals to get what you want. I will show you what body language mistakes you are making and how to adapt yourself to give off human mating and flirting signals no woman can resist!

Get the personality that every girl wants her guy to have. Nice guys don't get laid, but then again, neither do 'real' bad boys. We are looking for something special in our man. I tell you what it is and how to emulate it so they fall in love and tell their friends how great you are to talk to.

Boost your charisma 200% instantly. Confidence, arrogance and charisma are all very different things. I'll show you the perfect blend of each that'll make you instantly more dateable.

Develop supreme confidence. Every woman wants a confident man for a serious relationship or a one night stand. I will show how to become hugely confident despite what you look like or how your previous relationships have shaped you. You'll glow with ultra confidence without being cocky - girls (and guys) will love you for it!

Become a fluid conversationalist that women love spending time with. Never again will a conversation dry up. Whether it's your fifth date or first meeting. I'll teach you what to talk about, how to talk, what not to say and how to make a conversation with a girl sparkle like the moon on a midnight lit lake. She'll come back for more and more and you'll know exactly what to give to her.

How to make that girl you really want, fall in love with you. So, you've met the girl, dated the girl and fallen in love with the girl. There is nothing that hurts more than a partner not returning the strong feelings you have inside. This problem will be no more. Girls that really like you, will begin to really love you. Again... They won't know why!

Learn about Internet dating and how to tap a never ending supply of great women. It's not just ugly women that use the net. In fact, the safety and ease of meeting that the Internet provides can actually be one of the greatest supplies of the nicest, prettiest women out there. I'll show you how to get into the hearts of as many women as you want online and how to get them to meet you.

How to create bio-electric sexual chemistry. Whatever you've been told. Sexual chemistry is all in the mind. Harness the power of a bio-electric transmission pickup technique to get women shuddering with electric desire... For you!

Get women to pick you up. Once you have learned how to get rid of those quirks and foolish frolics that put women off, you will in fact be able to attract women and make them chat you up and even ask you for the date. How great will it be when some girl is working hard to get you instead of the other way around for once? Great!



This is a small sample from the hundreds of genuine testimonials sent to me by my customers. They are unedited and therefore some spelling mistakes may occur.

If you aren't at the forefront of the dating scene you are losing out to these guys who are THERE. This guide will give you a competitive advantage in the dating game as these guys show:


"Thank you Tiffany! You've turned my life around. Ever since High School I have always been seen as the nice guy, but nice guys generally don't get laid! I'm 23 now and only just had my first kiss 1 month ago. It was magical and I owe it to you and your advice. Thanks!"

This one is from an angry woman received via Email. I'm strangely quite proud of this one because it lets me know I'm doing my job right :)

"how in the world could you tell every frickin man in theis world what women want?! you totally betrayed your own female race this way!! [irate rant snipped]...
I cant beleive you would do this."

"I just want to say The "HEART OF STONE" principle is wonderful! WORKS GREAT!! THANKS"

Received from Robert F. by Email

"Hi tiff,
its imran, thanx for the great tips, i dont have a problem getting women, just wanna step up my game a little, i dont really know what to say to a hot girl that ive just seen, wont know how to approach her, another thing, i tried to geg access to hypnodate but its not allowibg me to do so, it might be the wrong password. but the rest of it was wicked, promise me u'll be my m8 for eva.LOL. i would like to meet you some day so i can learn from you, well not only that...until then peace and 1 luv

Imran x"

Received from Imran M by Email

"I'm really learning a lot since my divorce, about  some of the things you say in your information. It seems like a whole new world is opening up to me now. I never thought much of it because of being married for many years and now divorced. Reading your stuff helps overcome the setbacks that I had. I think if I had one question it would have to be: What if I was with a hot babe such as yourself, and we had great sex together and things were going OK in the relationship, (that's if there was one) or friendship, and now,  another guy comes into the picture, toward my girl, my date, what to do?? Many thoughts do indeed come to mind, but which is the best thing to do?"

Received from L J

"Thank you very much again for everything you did for me as a customer of yours."

Mory by Email

"Tiff, you have an inside understanding of women that I could never have grasped till now. Thank you for showing me what women really want, and how to give it to them!"

"Here is my question :

How an average man (financially average and not Brad Pitt in appearance) can seduce and keep for a long lasting time (perhaps lifetime) a model (for
instance : Mrs Amy Weber, Mrs Linda O'Neil or even Mrs Teanna Kai - or what
about you) and make her completely in love with him ?

Thank you for the great work"

Patrick L by Email

".. I got everything successfully downloaded. I have an older computer but it pulled through. I've already read into the first 25 pages of your main book and it is undeniably intoxicating, very good!!!.."

From Brian by Email

"Anyway I am eager to try this "Heart of Stone" technique on this one lady
that has been ebbing and flowing and not real sure what she wants to do...
If this technique has the outcome I'm hoping I'll be one of your biggest

This girl has been an elusive 'friend' for some time. We'll see how we go.

Cheers Tiff"

From Troy S, by Email.

"While I have been here, my wife had an affair with a friend of mine. She pursued him and I found out about it after I took her on a great 2-week romantic European getaway! It wasn't until I came back here and she was back home did I find out about it when she mistakenly sent me a cut/paste of her IM's with this guy that she had been saving. Needless to say, I was deeply hurt.

Now since my divorce, I have used your material to study so when I do go back to civilization, that I can put what I have learned from you into practice. I think having a printed version of all 3 of your editions would be great to allow me to make notes of important things I should remember so I attract the right woman this time instead of a despirate woman that can't wait one month since last seeing me. Let me say thanks again for your assistance in helping some of us find a good woman."

Pete B. via Email

"...I'm definetely interested. Let me know when. I've both enjoyed and
prospered from your insights and tips.



From Ken by Email

[When I asked SB if he'd be interested in me creating a hard copy version of my books, he wrote this:]

"I find that I am buying fewer and fewer hard copies of books as I find more and more topics of interest available in e-book formats online. I find the e-book format excellent for the information that I want from you."

S B. via Email

(note: you can now get a professionally produced paper back version of all 3 volumes of my step-by-step guides exclusively from my site - but only if you have first purchased the online guides from here)

"Hey Tiff

Thanks for checking that I was able to get the book ok - yes, thank you.

I wanted to say I'm close to finishing the first 'Beginner's guide' (making sure to start from the beginning to get the most benefit) and I have to say it's a great read. After taking a long hard look at myself I have been way too critical of myself and its time to say WOW to all the good things about myself and start marketing them!

If you hear a rumble going on down under you'll know what's happening! ;)

I'm looking forward to continuing the 'read'.


T. S. via Email

"Hi you guys!!! 2 fine ladies in one weekend - sex with both of them!!! I fear what you have unleashed on the female population by exposing their secrets to me!!! LOL!!!"

"Thanks, you're the best (like you didn't already know that!)

LOL Pete"

Pete via Email

"Hi TIFF,its been nice reading through your guide i really enjoy everybit of it infact rite now i feel like a star.."

Fred T. via Email

"THis is a wonderful site. I thought that i will not be able to make girlfriend but this sit made it true. Hardeep"

From Hardeep

"It is so dam easy to mistake shyness for lack of interest.  Your product saved me from suicide!"

Anonymous, sent no name, left the message on the feedback form.

"..I love tall girls and well my next question is can you lift 215 lbs on your
shoulders?  I wouldn't mind taking a ride lol.

I am going to enjoy every minute of reading trust me.

Hey thanksx



Gerard D, by Email

"hey tiff!!!
i went out on fri nite, talked to one girl but got totally ignored ( which
sux for her ) and then as i was leaving the place to go home there was this girl walking towards me as i was on my way out and we were just looking at each other, she was ssssooo cute!!  and as we got near i just went for it!! we talked and amazingly i did all the talking and took the awkwardness away and just made her smile, i got her number and we have been talking a fair bit. but i dont think she's the one though but it was fun!! thanx for ur
help tiff!! "

Andrew A. via Email

"Hi  Tiff,
Great stuff so far thanks for helping me."

Received from Darrel B. by Email reply to members only Ezine

"You should write a sex guide! This info is da bomb!"

"..Is there actually a book called ?Be the guy who gets the girl?? I see it on your site but it is not available in the member?s only site. Maybe I?m confused but I thought I was getting that book. BY the way, everything I have read so far is excellent. Even if I don?t get this book as expected, the material I have to date is some of the best. Thanks!"

Bill C. via Email

"Hello Tiff

To begin thanks for your speedy reply, and apologies for my late reply! There is no problems with the website - it was my mistake. I was using a limited search engine to find your members site. When I used the Google search engine, the site came up straight away. So I am right now devouring the unbelievable inside information on women that you have graciously provided for men like myself who have the best of intentions, but perhaps not the most efficient means in which to carry them out. Thanks Tiff.


From L. W. by Email

"...I know that will some day come to an end, but for now, it seems so tough getting though the past, and trying to keep up with my own bills. I don't want to sound like a cry baby, but I know all the information you send me is going to engage like magic, because I love reading it. Thanks Tiff, "

John. in Email

"..ive met miss right her names katy shes from my city.."

L N. via Email

[This testimonial comes from John who after losing his login username and password told me he'd buy it again if I couldn't find him in the system, now THAT'S somebody who loves my books :) - Tiff]

"..I hope some of the info I provided will be of some help to trace my purchase. If not, just let me know and I'll need to buy it again. Thanks for the help your products provide. John"

John. via Email

"Good Morning Doll Face, Loved the 'Menu' gig for a date. Got my girlfriend really excited but I won't tell all as yet. Got anymore of those type deals. If not, maybe you should do some more of those type date ideas, and put them in a book...:o) Just a suggestion. Take care, and Thanks"

Received in Email

"..Because your product is so wonderfull, so exciting and so fun! I love it..."

Jan. in an Email

"Well, I took your advice? I did not want to wait until Thursday anyway? J I think I laid this out pretty well?.. Thanks for your help, and now I know I will ALWAYS get the number so I can at least get a shot at playing in the game??I am a GREAT opener, but a not so great closer?.CLEARLY!!!! Thanks for everything! Peter "

Pete M. via Email

"I have bought almost every pickup guide on the net and I must say, yours is the first one that has gotten me results. I have never read a guide with true insight such as yours; it makes me wonder why I listened to all those other crazy guides written by dumb guys in the past. The author's probably never got laid anyway!"

"thank u now girls crawl over me i will no more get rejected by hot women"

No name sent in, received by Email

"I'm 42 and going through a divorce right now. My wife cheated on me. I have been out of the dating game for over 20 years and didn't know where to start. I am happy to say over the past few weekends using your advice and tips, I've met some of the most attractive women, and been on dates with two of them. Both want me to go out with them again! Thank you!"

"Hey Tiff, Is this one of your deals, i.e. part of one of your packages? I noticed that there are a few other ebooks on the ggg site now..

[long part of Email snipped to be brief]

..I've enjoyed reading what I've already gotten access to. It's good stuff. Smacky Van"

Received from Van E. by Email

"I always thought women wanted bad boys, you've shown me the truth!"

"I'm in my mid/late twenties and haven't had a proper girlfriend or even a date for about 6 years. I went bald at 21 and put a little weight on. I couldn't understand how any woman would want a small, fat, bald and penniless guy so my confidence fell out as fast as my hair. You have helped pick me up and helped me meet Tracy, she's the most beautiful girl and I really think I love her. Why she's want me I will never know but I'm guessing it has something to do with your guide. Thank you for showing me you don't have to be rich, good-looking or funny to get a great girl. I'll write to let you know if we get married!"

If you have had success with the Guy Gets Girl program, write to me and let me know! You may be featured in this section very soon!


Join The Award Winning GuyGetsGirl.com? Today
And Receive Instant Access With 3 FREE Bonuses... AND

100% NO-RISK 60-DAY Money-Back Guarantee!


"I will even go one step further to make sure you're 110% satisfied by letting you keep your free bonuses as a thank you for giving me a try!"

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  • The only dating and pickup guide written by a woman for men
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