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"I'll Take You By the Hand And Tell You Exactly How To Drop 7-10 Strokes From Your Next Round of Golf Instantly... Legally... And Without Even Trying!"

Finally, learn
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From: Jack Moorehouse

Dear Fellow Golfer,                            

Let's face it, golf is probably the most difficult sport in the world.  It takes a great deal of skill, mental fortitude and perseverance to excel at it.  You have to have great hand-eye coordination, balance, athletic ability and creativity.  You can receive all the best golf tips in the world and take countless golf lessons but you still can't seem to create any consistency...

Now, there  are a ton of people who play golf just to hack around and have some fun.  But more avid players are always trying to improve their swing and overall game.  The problem is that golf is a very difficult game to master and you don't have enough time to practice to really improve significantly.  Even the guys who play golf for a living and have the best golf instruction in the world still struggle and they practice every day! 


If you're like most golfers, though, you want to improve, not just hack around.  Golf, when played poorly, is not a lot of fun.  What do I mean by poorly?  Let me see if this describes YOU:

  • I play golf 2-4 times/month and have never broken 90 or even 80
  • I can't work the ball (fade, draw, general trajectory)
  • I have at least 3 or 4 three putts per round
  • I rarely hit greens in regulation
  • I can't get up and down when I miss a green
  • I make a birdie once in a blue moon
  • I don't really know where the ball is going when I swing (hit and hope)
  • Even worse, I'm a more advanced player and typically shoot in the low or mid 80's frequently but can't break 80.

If you can identify with even one of those characteristics of a poor golfer, then it's time to do something about it. No one, and I mean NO ONE should have to play bad golf.  Here's why YOU shouldn't settle for poor golf either:

Bad habits will only get worse if you don't fix them. 

You are wasting money on every round of golf you play because it turns out to be an expensive practice round!

Golf does not have to be so complex and difficult.  If you knew how easy it was to break 80 you would have far less gray hair, anxiety and uncertainty..

Golf is infinitely more fun in the 70's than it is in the 80's, 90's and 100's.  TRUST ME on this one.

It really doesn't matter if you want to shoot even par or simply break 100 for the first time....the techniques and strategies in How To Break 80 will help you lower your handicap quickly.  When you truly have a confidence in your game and your swing and have good consistency, it becomes more than a sport, but a true accomplishmentAccording to NGT Research, there are over 60 million golfers in the world today and less than half of us will ever break 100.  33% will break 90.  However, only 5 % will ever break 80.  That's 3 million people out of 60 million golfers.  I have helped hundreds of people across the globe to break 80 and I am confident I can help you too.

"How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros!" has quickly become one of the best selling books on the Internet because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living.  This is not a simple collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf instruction...it is your personal guide to lower scores.

So, stop wasting money on expensive golf lessons and read on to learn how you can play better golf immediately.

My name is Jack Moorehouse.  I'm an average Joe, not a Pro and most importantly, I know how to explain things in extremely simple terms.  I am a working man like everyone else and golf when not working; carrying a respectable 5 handicap index.  I used to play golf really well and then one day I lost itFinally, after years of practice and tinkering, I discovered the magic formula that has me breaking 80 nearly every time I play!

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You see, I was able to and do exactly what the pros do consistently and apply it to my own game.  The results were astonishing.  In this book, you will learn the simple steps to create more consistency with your swing and game in general.   To learn these steps takes approximately 30 minutes and he also provides drills to ensure you can incorporate these new techniques into your game.  Now, this isn't simply a guide that shows you 4 steps.  It is a complete manual on how to shoot your best scores ever.  I cover all aspects of the game so that you can develop a solid all-around game in your quest to drop shots.  This golf instruction guide will be the last book you read on this subject.  All contents of the book are designed to do ONE thing.....lower your scores!

For the last 24 months, I have helped thousands of golfers on all seven continents lower their handicaps and shoot their best golf possible.  Golfers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia are sending us their success stories every week because they have seen the program work for them.  My goal is to simply provide the best golf instruction humanly possible. You too can be a part of this growing mass of improved golfers when you send us your own personal Success Story.

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Introducing "How To Break 80...And Shoot Like the Pros!"

Here are some unsolicited emails I recently received...

"How To Break 80 is the backbone of my success"

-----Original Message-----
From: cwallmark@                      .com
Sent: February 12, 2008 3:59 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: My Success

Good day to you Jack;

My name is Terry Cain, and I come from Victoria, British Columbia Canada. I play out of Olympic View Golf Club. I have a 9 handicap, and have been playing at or near that cap for 3 years. It has been a struggle to break 80, and I would give my eye and teeth to do it consistently. When I noticed your e-book on the net, I immediately was interested.

I have started to drive the ball with much more consistency, with your very easy instructions on my grip, grip pressure, take-away, and especially dropping my hands down into the zone, and swinging through has changed my game plan. My hip turn has improved as well, although a little inconsistent. I still get a push sometimes, and a quick hook too. However, these will diminish with practice.

The golf season is here, and I am eager. My first rounds have already been successful, shooting a 79 times two. Why? Off the tee, I am now in much better scoring positions, and the comments from my fellow golfers are "what have you been doing with your swing"? I am reluctant to tell them, but, I couldn't help but say that How to break 80 is the backbone of my current success.

Thanks and better golf is on the way,

Victoria, British Columbia

"I can't believe the immediate results"


-----Original Message-----

From: John Gale [johnnygazelle@                     com]
Sent: May 14, 2006 10:35 AM
To: info@howtobreak80.com


I love your book and its been really great in improving my game. My handicap continues to get lower and my golf buddies are accusing me of sneaking in extra rounds with a pro. The book has been great in helping me work the ball for draws and fades too. I can't believe the immediate results. Your articles are also very helpful. I especially found the article focusing on the catalyst for the golf swing i.e. the take away, extremely helpful. After employing the Harvey Penick's "Magic Move" my swing has been more consistent, yielded more distance, and my shoulders are powering for the follow through.

Also feel free to use my comments above. I can't remember if I ever sent them to you before.



"Handicap dropped from 10.5 to 8.1 in only one month"


-----Original Message-----
From: KARL KIEFFER [kjk109@                     .com]
Sent: August 17, 2008 11:33 AM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: RE: Karl, How's The Book?


Thank so much for the book. It has been by far the best money I've ever spent on golf. My handicap has dropped from a 10.5 to a 8.1 in only a month from all the great tips. I've recommended your e-book to all my golfing friends.

Karl Kieffer

Get "How To Break 80" NOW and Begin Breaking 80 Immediately!

So, What Do I Get In the Program?

When you purchase the "How To Break 80" System, you will get a comprehensive guide to help you in all areas of your game.  The whole program is designed to help you play your best golf possible and reviews all key areas of the game that are essential to breaking 80 on a consistent basis.  This program provides practical and effective golf tips to start putting the fun back in your game.  I detail the concepts and provide specific golf instruction and drills for you to practice and of course, always provide my personal support to you after you buy the program.  Here's a look at what you get in this complete guide to lower scores:


A New Twist on Fundamentals- Think you know the proper way to address the ball, grip the club and set up?  Guess again.


4 Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70's Instantly - In just minutes you can learn what I have toiled with for most of my life!  I give you step-by-step instructions on specifically what to do in terms of your swing.


Shotmaking Secrets- I tell you specifically how to draw and fade the ball so you can attack any pin you see and add distance when you need it.


Dealing With Trouble Shots - You'll learn how to turn adversity into birdie with these proven techniques to save you from even the toughest of bad breaks.


How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game- You won't have to worry about hitting greens in regulation when I teach you how to get up and down from nearly everywhere.


The Simple Formula for Short Game Shots - This is one of the best and easiest lessons I learned to simplify the complex short game shots for handicappers of all levels.


Mastering the Chip Shot - I'll reveal to you the foolproof way to consistently chip the ball so you catch it cleanly every time and put the right amount of roll and loft on your shots.


The Putting Secrets of the Pros- We all know that the real difference between the guys who play professional golf and the accomplished amateur is putting.  I teach you specific techniques and drills so you can expect to drain every putt you swing at.


Secrets to Reading Greens Properly - Isn't is frustrating when you hit a putt the perfect speed and distance only to find the line was off?  I'll unveil to you how read greens so that before you even hit the ball you'll have unfair advantage over your competitors!


My Highly Effective "Putting Results" Practice Game  - I created this game that gets me focused on draining everything in sight.  You'll learn to approach every putt as if you'll make it...even if you're 35 feet away!  I detail it for you step by step to improve your putting instantly.


A Mental Gameplan- You will learn the simple and tested methods to keep your brain on track to play your best golf possible.  A good swing alone will not keep you in the 70's for long.


Perfect Practice Techniques- I tell you step-by-step what you need to do in order to prepare yourself to break 80.  I even go so far as to tell you how much time you should spend on each drill and specifically how and what to practice leading up to your round.


Professional Pre-Shot Routine- I provide you specifically the exact things I do before every shot (mental and physical actions) for you to apply to your own.


How to Handle Bad Shots - Hitting bad shots can emotionally and mentally ruin your round and enjoyment of the game.  I'll show you a bulletproof method to not only handling these tough times but turning them into opportunities for lower scores.


Sand Play Success I recently added an entirely new chapter on Sand Play and in it I detail the exact checklist I use to get up and down from any bunker.  In addition, I'll show you how to deal with trouble bunker shots such as a buried lie, hard sand and more!


The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80- After corresponding and working with thousands of golfers who break 80 (and a lot who don't), I line out for you the absolute must-haves for your game and how to incorporate them effectively.


And much more...

As you can see, I focus the content of the program on the EXACT things you need to do in order to play your best golf ever.  There are some folks who break 80 already who know these things but I go the extra 50 yards and show you in simple-to-understand terms how to apply these concepts and techniques to your game. 

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***Here's the best part of all...I give you TONS of pictures of how I do everything you read in the book.  You'll see close-ups from everything from my grip to my stance and execution of specific shots.  When I walk you through the specific 4 Keys I will show you how to go through each and every practice drill and routine with crystal-clear, professional photography.***


Don't take my word for it....listen to what readers from around the world are saying.  

(This a small collection of the hundreds of testimonials and Success Stories we get every year.) These are golfers just like you....men and women with handicaps anywhere from 3 to 30 or higher.

"I Finally Broke 80!!!"

-----Original Message-----
From: elnatto7@           .com
Sent: May 26, 2007 1:46 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: BROKE 80 FINALLY!!!! More to come as well

Hey man

I forgot to tell you that I FINALLY BROKE 80!!!

On my 'home course' I shot a 79 (38 & 41) par-ing EVERY Par 4 on the front 9 albeit losing concentration on Back 9 because of my great F9! I had 31putts

(48 tee-to-green)

Then, just two weeks later, I shot a 78 (38 & 40) - my tee-to-green wasn't as good as my 79, but my putting (many thanks to your tips) was awesome as I had 27putts (F9: 12putts & B9: 15putts)

(51 tee-to-green, POOR)

I feel that I can combine my 48 tee-to-green + 27putts for a 75

I hope to break 80 for a 3rd time (would be 3rd consecutive round) but am happy with my current progress thanks to your tips and me working on my swing over the past month

I appreciate all of your work and apply many of the tips you give in the newsletter



Get "How To Break 80" NOW and Begin Breaking 80 Immediately!

"I did break 80 over the weekend"

From: drew                com]
Sent: June 20, 2005 3:00 PM
To: How To Break 80
Subject: My Success Story


I emailed about a month after I received your book and told you that I was playing the best golf of my life, while I was out in Arizona visiting my in-laws in March.  Up to that point I had not broke 80 but I knew that I was on my way. 

I just wanted to drop a line and say that I did break 80 over the weekend.  It wasn't my swing, I didn't chip in, get an eagle, or do anything great.  I hit fairways and greens, putted the ball to the hole, and got up and down when I had to.  12 pars, 1 birdie, 4 bogeys, and 1 DB; for a 77.  That marks the first time that I ever broke 80. 

I've never taken a lesson, and I was a hacker/slicer that needed help and the book simple as it is, is the only thing that I did differently this year than I did in years past. 


"Added 50 yards to my drives"

-----Original Message-----

From: Kathi Day [kathi_day@hotmail.com]
Sent: August 17, 2006 8:39 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: RE: Kathi, How's The Book?

So far, so good!  I've only golfed two rounds since reading it and both time noticed marked improvements.  The two most helpful tips so far have been strengthening my grip (seeing those two knuckles) and keeping my left leg stiff (I'm a lefty) -- combined, they've added about 50 yards to my drives and have made a BIG difference to my consistency on the fairway.  This is my 6th year golfing and I currently carry a 28.1 index.  While I've shot 100 a couple of times this year, I've yet to break it -- you'll be one of the first to know when I shoot 90-something!!

"Thank you, thank you so much"

-----Original Message-----

From: Ray (RWFL) [ray@                     .co.za]
Sent: April 18, 2007 11:28 PM
To: How To Break 80
Subject: RE: Ray, How's The Book?

Hi there Jack

Well I'll be damned! Bought your book last week, spent 3 days studying and
practising the most obvious weak parts of my game ( 15 handicap so plenty of
weak areas!)and went out and shot my lowest round ever, an 83 on a course
where my only previous rounds have been, 92, 94,95, and 91.

Incredible! The 3 things I did immediately was mothball my driver and
replace with the 3 wood, replaced the long irons with a 5 and 7 wood, and
followed your guidelines on chipping from 40m out. I opened my stance, set
the ball further back, placed weight more on front foot, pushed my hands in
front of ball and voila, high, straight chips that land softly and
occassionally even spun back a few inches. Wow!!

Guess what, I'm enjoying the game more, I'm practicing with more intent and
can't wait for my next round on Friday.

Thank you, thank you, so much.

Greetings from sunny South Africa!


Ray Bienedell


"Shaved 11 strokes in just 2 days!!!"

-----Original Message-----

From: Kriel, Erik [KrielE@                     .com]
Sent: April 17, 2007 10:23 AM
To: 'info@howtobreak80.com'
Subject: Amazing


Thank you.

I no longer hook the ball.

I am hitting both fairways & greens.



"Thank you for ALL the help you have given me"

-----Original Message-----

From: Sande Jarrett [din_ithira@                     .com]
Sent: July 31, 2006 8:16 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: RE: Sande, Here's Your Free Report

I have not had the chance to thank you for ALL the help that you have given
I started playing golf on Mar 17 of the year. I was told nobody breaks
100 before 6 months, Nobody breaks 90 before a year. I played by myself on
Sunday at shot an 87. I was thrilled to death, I have been using you tips
and they have helped so much. Granted 87 is not my normal score. I have
shot 100 6 times
. I just wanted to thank you for your tips.

Sande Jarrett


"Now I have confidence to shoot par someday"

-----Original Message-----

From: Bill Morgan [bill_morgan@                     .com]
Sent: May 25, 200
8 9:24 AM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: happy :o)

dear jack,    

i bought your course  and read it with hope it would get me to shoot below  80.  even tho i have only had one 84 before in my life ...i am 52 years old  ...started playing regularly last year in A league .....well with practice and steady play  i shot a 78  last week ... i was so pleased with the e book and lessons from you ...it does work  now i have confidence i can even shoot par  someday soon  ...ty so very much  mr moorhouse ........

Bill Morgan



"I was able to FINALLY break 80!!!!!!"


-----Original Message-----

From: Pete [pskalitzky@                     .net]
Sent: August 09, 2008 6:04 PM
To: 'How To Break 80'
Subject: RE: Pete, How's The Book?


Downloaded you're book and the bonuses. Read thru the entire thing. Found
some things that you describe well in detail that helped me clear my
thoughts while putting and chipping. I plan to use the drills that you
suggest. Just haven't had time to yet. But, after using some of the
pointers on the course, I was able to FINALLY, break 80
I shot 79 with 8
pars and 2 birdies(1 of which was a 28' chip in from the rough). My worst
score was double bogey twice. Thank you for the knowledge I was able to
gain from your book. I look forward to breaking 80 many more times. I have
hovered between 14.5-16.5 for a handicap for 3 years now. Never thought it
was going to happen. Now I KNOW I can do it.

Thanks again for the information. Very helpful.

Pete Skalitzky


"Your book rocks!!!"


-----Original Message-----

From: Kronos Ganta [kronos_ganta@                     .com]
Sent: July 23, 2006 6:57 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Your Book Rocks!!!

Dear Jack, I just started playing golf again after a long layoff. I played at Springhill Golf Course I shot an 85  with a few muligans...lol. Then I got the golf bug so bad I wanted to play so much better and maybe be a scratch golfer someday. I then bought your book online note that I have not read too much of it, because of family and working long ours. I have done some drills fixed my grip and improved my swing. This weekend we played Sringhill again and I shot a 74 with no mulligans my brother and friends were blown away that I was shooting so much better golf in so little time. I just told them when I play is to have fun and not let bad shots get me down. I just wanted to let you know that you got another student looking to break even before the end of this season.


Thanks So Much

Jesse Carreon

"Today I shot 78"

-----Original Message-----

From: Clarence Bedsole[cobsweb@            ]
Sent: August 3, 2008 16:59:58 -0500
To: support@howtobreak80.com
Subject: New Customer Highlight

Just thought this might be interesting: I just ordered your book yesterday. I downloaded and printed your "Secrets of Low Handicappers" article series. I briefly scanned through highlights of those pages for about 30 minutes last night while in bed half asleep. I am a 16 handicapper. I must have picked up something, today I shot a 78 (including one tee shot OB and a missed 3 ft and 5 ft putt-usually don't miss those). Four over par the last 4 holes. I attribute that to nearly 100 degrees and heat exhaustion. I hit 10 fairways and 9 greens, with only 1 birdie. Only 3 of 8 up and downs. I'm usually about 50% on those. I plan to improve in those areas. I have shot in the 70's before but not very often. (Once or twice a year). Usually in the mid to high 80's. So, if I did pick up something in that short of time, I am looking forward to reading your book and your tips while I am fully awake. I would certainly be satisfied to consistently hit in the mid to high 70's. I will send you a follow up to see if any improvement continues. Never too late to learn something! FYI: I am "only" 64 years old, retired with only "40+" years of golfing and a back problem. I wear a back brace while golfing. Before I was married (40+ years ago) I had a low handicap of 9. I plan to get back there and better.


Thanks, Clarence

"I'm hitting 14-15 out of 18 fairyways now"

-----Original Message-----

From: Jeff Cooper jcooper2003@                     .net
Sent: July 03, 2006 6:22 AM
To: 'How To Break 80'
Subject: RE: Jeff, How's The Book?


I did receive your book and have already began to see results, even
though I have not finished reading it through yet. I have had the book
for less than a week and we went to the mountains of North Carolina for
the weekend, and took the opportunity to play some of the scenic courses
up there. I am hitting 14 - 15 out of 18 fairways now as opposed to the
4 out of 18 I was hitting last week. My drives are averaging 235 - 250
yards after only reading the first half of your book. I can not wait to
read the rest and really get started on the drills you give in a more
dedicated manner. The only problem I seem to be having is on my
chipping and pitching shots. I am going over the greens now. I will
definitely have to go to the range and see what my new distances are
going to be so that I can adjust to hitting the ball better close in.

In Black Mountain North Carolina the county club there has as it's 17th
hole, a 747 yard par 6. My drive was a little short, but in the middle
of the fairway. Next I hit 2, 5 Woods and was on the green in 4 with a
7 iron, and two putted it for par. Last week I would have had to have
had a calculator to figure my score for that hole.

I look forward to reading the rest of your book today and get serious
about the drills and see how things improve from there. I also look
forward to your news letters. I have a folder where I keep them all and
look forward to improving my game anyway possible.



"You've put excitement back in my game"


-----Original Message-----

From: Bill Schmidt [bill@                     .com]
Sent: July 31, 200
8 11:44 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Thanks Jack


I got your materials a few weeks ago and read through them. I have been playing for about 40 years and although I did not feel like I read any earth shattering new secrets, I enjoyed your program and the way you presented the material. 

Last weekend the family visited Cashiers NC, a spot we have been vacationing at for 20 years. On Saturday, I played with my 16 year old daughter and tried to give her some help with her game. While I was totally distracted and didn't play too well, my daughter made her first par on one of the toughest par 3s. The next day I wanted to play without her and wound up playing by myself. I was six over on the front and three putted for bogies three times but from tee to green, I hit the ball great. Two birdies on the back left me at one over for the back nine and a round of 77. 

When I was playing steady about ten years ago, I worked my way to a 10 handicap but occasional play lately leaves me at about a 20 today. That round fired me up. I wanted to play another 18 but had a three hour drive back home.  

When I got home, I read through my e-mail and saw one from you. I'm a little slow and until I saw your e-mail, I never made the connection. DUH! 

My attitude about my game and my swing confidence seems 100% better than it was before I read your material. I was also hitting my irons about 10 yards further than my normal yardages. 

And now you tease me with another great article that could shave a few more strokes? All I can say is ….Thanks Jack. You've put excitement back in my game and I can't wait to play again. 


And in case you think that this program is only for mid-to-high handicappers, look at

what  these low handicappers are saying...

"I know I can easily shoot in the 70's now"


-----Original Message-----
From: Guy Caspers [drguy@
Sent: May 12, 2008 9:46 AM
To: How To Break 80
Subject: Re: Guy, How's The Book?


I received your ebook early this week and read it immediately like you

I thought at first I would skim it, but you said to read the whole book
and not skim it, even if it seems blah at first with basics. I read it with
focus from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the section on preparation
mentally and focussing mentally and working on getting a good tempo and
taking deep breaths in through the nose and out the mouth when feeling
pressure and visualizing shots. I am a 8 handicap and haven't played but
10-12 round of golf per year for the past 3 years due to starting another
business and having young kids and other hobbies. I had been frustrated
with inconsistency and knowing that I could shoot better than 80 but not
doing very often at all and certainly not shooting mid or low 70's. I
went out and played golf on this past Tuesday after reading your book. It was
my third round of the year. I shot 39 on the front with one birdie. I shot
two bogeys on the first 5 holes of the back nine and then chipped in for
eagle and went birdie, birdie and then missed a birdie by being 2 inches
short on the last hole to shoot 73
. It is my second best score ever and
my best score in about 8-10 years. I kept track of my statistics of fairways
hit, greens in regulation, up and downs and # of putts. I did not 3 putt
and never had worse than a bogey. I stayed focused and remembered what
you said about not letting a bad hole get you down and remember the next hole
could make up for it. I know i need to work on my up and downs and
driving accuracy. I need to slow down my swing and follow your keys to swing and
tempo. I know that my game is mental and now am excited to go play more
as I know I can shoot in the 70's easily and even see myself shooting in the
60's which I 've never done. Your book helped me more than I thought it
would. I am keeping up my promise to you to share my success after
purchasing your book.. Thank you and I can't wait to write you when I
shoot my first round in the 60's.

Guy M. Caspers, D.C.

"Makes me feel that I now have the upper hand"

-----Original Message-----

From: Rob Bartos [robbartos@                     .com]
Sent: August 07, 2006 3:44 PM
To: How To Break 80
Subject: Re: Robin, How's The Book?
I just wanted to touch base a little on why I ordered your material, I am a 3 handicap but I never was good at chipping and pitching so I would always try to avoid any shot within 80 yds. I did have my good chipping days dont get me wrong but I just was not confident until I received your DVD on the short game. I watched it once and went to the course to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised how good I was at chipping right off the bat. The next day I played my favorite course and shot an easy 75 with a double on 18, I just got a bad break off the tee as I did not play the wind enough and my tee shot just got caught in the tips of these real tall pines, anyway, I will be implementing your technique for the next week, I have 4 rounds scheduled before I will try to qualify for my state Mid Amateur Tourney and one of those rounds is another Tournament with a National Amateur Tour.  I look forward to take on the #1 guy who is scratch, I am really psyched now since I have a rock solid grasp on how to consistantly get the ball on the green and close to the hole, makes me feel that I now have the upper hand. I will let you know how it goes as it goes, tomorrow I play a practice round on the private course where the Mid Am Qualifier will be played. I never played there so we'll see.

Thanks Robin Bartos

Get "How To Break 80" NOW and Begin Breaking 80 Immediately!

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"How to Break 80 is one of the better golfing books around. It takes a realistic approach to dropping strokes off your game buy going back to the basics. This book is superbly illustrated with loads of useful diagrams and instructions. It will also give you some great advice on your short game. Definitely one of the better books around."

My Twenty Year (and Lifelong) Education Is Yours Risk-Free

You all believe in learning from your mistakes right?  How about learning from mine....and Tom from Annapolis... and Charles in the UK... and hundreds of others around the world who have been using these techniques for years, playing an unconscious level of golf, much to their own (and their friends') dismay! You see, I compile the results of my readers and add the specific things that have worked for these folks into my system.

In my mind, what this all boils down to is quality of  life.  Life is too short to waste on trying to learn things other people with far less talent and athletic ability have already achieved.  You would be shocked at some of my readers who can shoot even par...Manuel in Puerto Rico never played another sport his whole life and didn't take up golf until he was 38 years old.  He's 43 now and as a a quick learner, is now scaring par nearly every time he plays!  There are countless other stories just like this...why would you want to spend another minute of your life trying to reinvent the wheel?!  


Here's what I'm going to do for you. I know that if you just try this system, you will see immediate results and will never look back.

 fix golf slice guarantee

So, just for trying it today, I'll give you a 60 day money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase!  No questions asked.

That means you could keep it for a week or dust it off nearly 2 months later and get your money back.  It's just that simple.  You simply try it...RISK FREE

 You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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I want to make this a complete no-brainer decision for you and make sure you are absolutely ecstatic when you purchase my system.  Here are some incentives I will provide if you act TODAY

***make sure and read them all...the best is at the end!***

Bonus #1: Special Report- "How To Drop Seven Shots In Seven Days"


A perfect complement to the "How To Break 80" system and one of my best Special Reports ever written.  For those of you who know me and have been reading my newsletters or bought some of  my products, you know how much I love this game and enjoy helping people go low.  I was really impressed with how quickly Michael was able to achieve success in our short time working together and I really thought you guys and gals would enjoy reading about how we did it.  I put in some long hours documenting the exact things I taught Michael over this seven day period and and you get to "ride along" as I help him prepare for a tournament with his boss that not only helped his golf game...but saved his career as well.


Since I released this report last summer it's been downloaded over 17,000 times by golfers of all skill levels. Here's the bottom line on this report...it doesn't matter if you already break 110, 100, 90 or 80.  This report will show you precisely what you need to get the job done.  The higher your handicap, the more improvement you can potentially realize. 


In this report you will receive:

  • The "no-frills" bottom line on how to drop shots fast
  • Exactly what I laid out for this man...even the exact drills we used
  • A holistic game plan that covers thing such as pre-round strategies, mental techniques, driving, chipping, putting and sand play
  • A "cheat sheet" you can read, print out and then take the course of practice range with you for reference

And oh yeah...this is no wimpy 3 pager.  Last I checked it was more than 20 pages of pure instruction and content. $29 Value.


Bonus #2: "25 Lessons to Improve Your Game Immediately" eBook


This powerful eBook is jam-packed with useful tips to help you lower your handicap as soon as possible.  Compiled by one of the best golf resources on the web, this book gives outstanding photos as well as simple instructions.  No marketing fluff, just raw tips and lessons. Priceless.


Bonus #3:  Mike Pederson's "Fit To a Tee" eBook


Mike's ebook has been read by over 50,000 golfers from all around the world. Learn how your BODY is affecting your swing and how you can change it. This book is an immediate download upon purchasing my "How To Break 80" product. It's concise and to the point. It will be an awakening experience. You'll look at your golf performance approach differently after reading this power-packed ebook. Mike can add 10-20 yards to your shots and increase your accuracy with his simple secrets.  $23 Value


Bonus #4:   "Secret Low-Handicapper" Article Series Never Before Released to The Public


For years I have been writing special articles for newsletters and certain subscribers that are not available to anyone except these few people who subscribe or have paid for these newsletters.  I have aggregated some of the best ones (as determined by reader feedback) and am providing them as part of this offer if you act today.  As part of this special limited-time offer, I am going to include some of the best articles I've written on subjects such as the following:



How To Read Greens Properly


How To Get Up and Down Consistently


How To Handle and Manage the First Tee Effectively


What Clubs Belong In Your Bag


What Shaft Flex You Should Be Using


The Keys To Short Game Success


Prepare Like a Pro For Your Round


The Four Keys To A Great Swing


Consistency Secrets of the Pros


***You won't find these anywhere else in the world unless you have already paid for them in some manner.***  Remember, I correspond with thousands of golfers around the world and have a good pulse on what you guys and gals want.  Heck, these articles alone may be worth the entire price of the book! 


Bonus #5:   FREE Lifetime Upgrades to "How To Break 80"


Considering I add to the system roughly once per quarter, I am always packing the book with new, fresh content that is designed to help you shoot your best golf scores ever.  As the system gets bigger and more comprehensive the price will inevitably go up as well.  You can do the math on your own if you were to pay for every upgrade I do for the book and I'm sure you can see that it would be pretty substantial.  Act today and never pay another dime for upgrades to the "How To Break 80" system. 


And best of all...


Bonus #6:   "State-of-the-Art" Golf Performance Tracking Software


When you learn the secrets of breaking 80 and shooting like the Pros,  you'll need to know how to "keep track of your performance like a Pro" also!   I wish I had come across this software when I first started keeping track of my handicap, saves, greens in regulation, fairways, putts, etc....it is a real time-saver and spits out tons of data on your rounds and general progress as a player.


It helps you keep track of over 40 statistics, including:

  • personalized score card

  • fairways and greens hit

  • actual handicap

  • games played

  • your best games

  • eagles, birdies, pars, bogies

  • par saves

  • different courses played

  • and much more!


This software will put you head and shoulders above the competition because you'll    have more than a pile of old scorecards in your drawer.....you'll have a complete software application designed to do one thing....lower your handicap.  It is totally awesome in terms of functionality and here's the best part...it's so easy to use your 5 yr old could operate it.  Better yet, (it hasn't "officially" been launched yet) and they will be doing a major launch soon so I asked them if they would let you guys try it out for FREE.   It took hundreds of man hours for the guys to develop this software and it's yours to try FREE when you buy my system. Priceless.


So, Here's A Quick Recap of What You'll Get:


A comprehensive guide that will give you the benefit of having my 20 year golfing life at your disposal and all the hard lessons I learned along the way.


All Six (6) BONUSES worth over $250, which includes, among other things:      

  • "How To Drop Seven Shots In Seven Days" Special Report
  • "25 Lessons To Improve Your Game Immediately" book
  • Mike Pederson's "Fit To a Tee" book
  • Access to the "Secret Low-Handicapper Articles"
  • FREE lifetime upgrades to the system
  • Golf Performance Tracking Software

Immediate Access to the system and ALL BONUSES within 5 minutes of your purchase.  (All products are downloadable and available for you to instantly read and apply now.)


A 60 Day, Risk-Free, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Here's what I'll do for you...

I want to make sure you are so satisfied that I'll make you a SPECIAL offer if you agree to two things:

1. You agree to send your "Success Story" when you use the strategies in the book.  (You can send me an email detailing how this book has helped you out...its' just that simple.)

2. You purchase the book TODAY.

So what are you waiting for?  Take the next step to unlocking some of the simplest secrets of golf and be prepared to watch your handicap plummet!  

For less than $.10 per day, you can be playing the golf you have always dreamed of. 

If you are willing to present your "Success Story" and buy TODAY, your price is:


NO, make that only


(You get 50% off the regular price)

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: I spent the last couple of months creating more content to help you guys drop your scores.  (See all items with a "" beside it in the checklist).  I've *jam-packed* the new version of the book with some of my best material yet and will only be offering this special price for a limited time. Mark my words, the price will be going up...I am putting the finishing touches on an exciting addition to the guide and it will be done any day now.  Those of you who know me or have heard about me know I am a man of my word and I do what I say. I'm
just trying to save you a few bucks.


"Yes Jack, I Want To Play Better Golf, Be The Envy of My Foursome and Have More Fun With Golf Right Now!

You have TWO ordering options:

OPTION #1.  Order the eBook.  This is a DIGITAL product.  We will NOT ship you anything, rather, you will receive instructions on how to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all material online.  This means you would download all material from our web site to your computer.



(You get 50% off the regular price)

All orders are done on a SECURE server, click HERE. 

safe shopping

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau

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OPTION #2.  Order the eBook PLUS the Audio CD's.  This means you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the digital version of the book as well as the entire audio version of the program when your purchase is completed.


Why should you purchase the Audio Program?

Reading + Listening= Better Retention

* You can listen in your CAR, on long drives and on your way to the course.

*Listen on your COMPUTER at home or on the road.

*Download the tracks to your iPOD or MP3 Player & listen on the go.

*Price is normally $29 but yours right now for a measly $12 more bucks.

*Over 127 minutes of high quality content.

(To be clear, we will not be shipping you any CD's.  All audio files are available for immediately download and the files are optimized and compressed so downloading is a breeze.)



(You get 50% off the regular price)

All orders are done on a SECURE server, click HERE. 

safe shopping

We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau

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If you do not want to pay via credit card or want to pay by check, please see our FAQ page for more details. Keep in mind though that I cannot guarantee that you will get the book immediately as you would if ordering online.

If you have any questions regarding my program or about ordering, please see our FAQ page. 

I look forward to getting your Success Story and hearing all about how you came dangerously close to par!


Jack Moorehouse

P.S.  The last time I added to the program and raised the price there were countless people who emailed me asking for the old price.  Unfortunately, if I grant the old price to one person, I have to do it for all and I simply can't do that.  I just want to try and save you a few bucks so order today.

P.P.S. Remember, this is the only place in the world that you can get this exclusive information.  You will not find it ANYWHERE else.

Still Unsure???

I have helped THOUSANDS of golfers all over the world to break 80.  If it worked for all of them, it will work for you to. They tell me it is due, in large part, to this book.

"I sent shockwaves down the spines of my golfing buddies"

-----Original Message-----
From: honghaut@                        .com
Sent: February 12, 2006 10:36 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: My Success

Hi Jack,

I am residing on the other side of the globe from you, in Singapore.

When I first purchased your E-Book, I was not convinced at all at what it will do for my game (if you search your archive, you might remember a mail from a very frustrated me, complaining about the "bad" deal that I got). However through the months of engaging in the instructions from the book, and of course, the newsletters that have I've been receiving, I have sent shockwaves down the spine of some of my close golfing buddies.

Not only am I hitting my ball straighter, I have added at least 40 yards to my drive! As a result, I have dropped an average of 10 strokes from my game. Before, I was contemplating getting a coach for some lessons, now I feel that it is unnecessary, as I feel like I am taking a lesson every week!

I am thankful I got the E-Book, and your newsletters, which, I am sure, will continue to drop my handicap further. I am targeting dropping another 10 strokes by mid 2006.

Sim Hong Huat

"It was a steal"

-----Original Message-----

From: Judd Markle [circuit@                     .net]
Sent: May 10, 2008 11:54 AM
To: 'How To Break 80'
Subject: RE: Judd, How's The Book?

Hi Jack,

Love the book so far. I've read through the first 30 pages and already am
seeing a difference in my game. The section on the basics reminded my of
some things that I wasn't doing presently. The biggest being pushing off my
right foot to start the down swing. I was out at the range last night
hitting wedges and haven't hit them so solid and high in a long time, if

Thanks for the great book, for $37 it was a steal.


"I want to congratulate you for simplifying the game"

-----Original Message-----
From: stocks@                            .com
Sent: Wednesday May 25, 2005 4:34 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Thank You

Hi Jack!

Just a note of thanks from a new subscriber.  The free items you gave me with the subscription were enough for the cost of the program.  But the newsletters are fantastic!  I have read and followed the letters and my consistency is definitely improving.  I had been shooting around 86-89 the last two months, struggling to maintain my 12 handicap.  I read, studied and practiced your info, to include the newsletters and yes, I shot my first 79 last weekend.  I also had chip in birdie and had 4 chips that lipped out for gimme pars.  My partner is astonished.  However, I am not wanting to share the secret yet (I still have some of my cash to collect back from him).  I am moving in a few weeks to another country, so I will pass on your website data as soon as I put the clubs in the travel bag for the new location.

Lastly, I just want to congratulate you for simplifying the game.  I have been told to 'delay the release', 'you are casting the club', 'you need more weight shift', 'stay down thru the shot'.  All these terms are a little difficult to picture in your mind some times.  However your last newsletter about 'check the angle of approach' put it so simple even I get it.  Left knee through the ball, hands through the ball and finally the club head through the ball.  How much more simple can you get.  And most important to me, each and every thought is positive.  No more negative imagines.

I can't wait to get to the range and try the Single Key to Good Wedge Play.  Until my greens in regulation improve, I need that short game.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your efforts!


"Money well spent"

-----Original Message-----
From: zeid@                           .com
Sent: May 23, 2005 9:32 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Improvement

Dear Jack

I am 82 years old. I usually play 9 holes ending up with around 53. I am lucky if I get below 50!

I have always practiced a lot but now realise that I did not know what I should be doing when I practiced.

I have had your book only a week. Now when I practice I know what I should be doing. Just practicing the rotating of hips and correct transfer of weight has cured my constant slice and improved my distance and direction. I might add that I knew all about the transfer of weight but did not realise how it should be accomplished and how natural it came when done correctly..

I am now looking forward to mastering, one at a time, each of the other suggestions made in your book. 

If I make no more progress the money I have paid for the book is money well spent. 

When I break 45 will email you again.

Thanks, Jack. 


P. Zeid


"A fantastic value"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Langan [michael.langan@                     .com]
Sent: May 30, 2008 12:32 PM
To: How To Break 80
Subject: Re: Michael, How's The Book?

Dear Jack:

I received access to the e-book and the additional material without any
problems. I haven't finished the book yet but you have already helped me
to begin to effectively use my sand wedge for approach shots, which I've
avoided doing for a number of years. A fantastic value.

Regards, Mike Langan

"Awesome, packed with info"

-----Original Message-----

From: bwestmoreland@                     .com
Sent: July 25, 2008 8:32 AM
To: 'How To Break 80'
Subject: Re: Brent, How's The Book?

Awesome, packed with info.  I have not completed reading the book yet. I read a section at a time and apply whats been read to phisically doing the drills. I normaly shoot in the high 80's low 90's. I carry a 17 handicap currently. My goal is to get to an honest 10 consistantly. Hopefully this will help.




"My Scores Have Lowered 5-6 Shots Per Round"

-----Original Message-----
From: m.kims@              .net
Sent: February  20, 200
9 6:05 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Success
Dear Jack,
I'm a 44 year old lifetime golfer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a slight physical disability. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, which makes balance a problem in my swing, so I must always learn to adjust to make things work for me.

I'd like to share with you my success story as a result of reading the How to Break 80 E-book. I read sections of the book daily and have used it to improve my swing and technique. I also utilize one of the added features that comes with the book to incorporate some specific golf exercises into my daily work out. The practice and the work-outs have helped me add about 15 yards of distance to my drives and my scores have lowered on average, by 5-6 shots per round. I am now shooting in the low 90's and looking forward to continued improvement.

Ron Kims
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"My Scores Have Lowered 5-6 Shots Per Round"
-----Original Message-----
From: louazzarel@
Sent: July 28, 2004 6:54 AM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Your Book...
Just bought your book and read it...and wanted to thank you.  I did pick up a couple of things that were bothering me about the swing.  You explained them very well and my shots are better than ever.  The part about keeping the left arm away from the sternum is what did the trick for me.  It always felt like I was crowded and couldn't quite hit the ball...and now....everything is great.  Apparently my backswing was too far to the inside and now although it feels like I'm taking it back outside....I'm not....and that is giving me the room I needed to hit the ball straight, high and far.  My first two rounds since I used your book have been 78 and 80. 

Anyway, I feel confident now that I can shoot in the 70's on a regular basis without having to rely on luck so much.  I am a 7 handicap now and know I will be lower this year.

Great job on the book!!!!

Hoping to be a scratch golfer some day,


"8 Handicap Shoots 75"

-----Original Message-----
From: LH               .COM
Sent: June 21, 2005 6:21 AM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: RE: Leroy, How's the Book?


I live in New Jersey, Rockaway. I'm an avid golfer "golf nut"  been playing for about 35 years. I have a lot of books, tapes, DVD on golf I like to think I'm a student of the game. I've been stuck at handicap of 8 for the past couple of years and it is probably because I done get to practice as much. The best round I've ever shot was 68 on a par 71 course when I lived in North Carolina and played just about everyday. So now I play once a week if that, so when I saw your book I thought I'll give it a try. I've been shooting from 79 to 85. So after read just a portion of your  book and practicing some of the drill, (the lower hip turn to the right, the arms and hand actions) I decided to see if it would work. Birdie the first hole, had two other birdies and it should have been more, but you know how they slide by sometimes. The round consisted of 3 birdies, 10 pars, 4 bogeys and one double bogey. Now I will go back to the book reread the first sections, work with the short game and putting sections. The difference in this 75 and the others is that I hit the ball better, so I'm looking forward to this weekend and playing better.

Thank you,

"Since I read your book I've been much improved"

-----Original Message-----
From: William.J.Moye@                     .com
Sent: August 23, 2005 12:42 PM
To: info@howtobreak80.com
Subject: Thanks!


I wanted to give you some positive feedback on my golf game.

I started playing golf in May (I'm 45 years young), and my best score before I received How to Break 80 was 109 twice. Since I have received How to Break 80, I have been much improved.  I shot a 102 on 7/29, a 100 on 8/7, and a 90 yesterday 8/22.  WOW!  I still have a ways to go, but I am improving and hope to break 80 by year end.....

Thank you,
Bill Moye

Get "How To Break 80" NOW and Begin Breaking 80 Immediately!


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