Hyper Vre


"My 12-Year Old Son...Is Making An Average Of $240 a Month Per Site With Adsense and Roughly $35 a Month Per Site In Affiliate Commissions."

"Hi Matt, The reason I bought HyperVRE was so that my 12 year old son could make some extra money for a School Band trip to New York City next spring. I've read all over the net about making money with Adsense and even bought a few other "packages" only to be disappointed.

After about a week of coaching, my son really grasped the concept and went nuts! Now he builds one site per day. We found some good keywords, signed up to about 30 affiliate programs and bought some PLR content (very cheap). He USED to spend 2 hours a day after school playing video games, but now he uses that time to build HyperVRE sites. After 3 months of seeing the money being deposited into his "Trip Account", it's motivating him even more! Heh, He even asked me "Dad...is this legal?". By next month his trip will be paid for and he doesn't go till March 2007!

He's making an average of $240/month per site with Adsense and roughly $35/month per site in affiliate commissions. But, we just found out that with a little tweaking, he can easily double it. I figure at the rate he's going, he'll be making $100,000 per year in another 18 months...and he'll only be 13 years old! Am I happy with HyperVRE? Words cannot describe! If I had an opportunity like this when I was my son's age, I'd be a millionaire many times over today! Thanks Matt!"

Mark Nowell


"I Just Made $250 From AdSense...and I Now Earn $100 per Month In Affiliate Commissions From EACH Site!"

"HyperVRE offers great advantages for me with its unique features. Last month I earned more with my Adsense sites than ever before ($250+). Thanks for the features of the program - it took considerably less time than before. I now earn $100+/month from affiliate commissions from each site! And create well-selected links nearly automatically. I select not only from the three big affiliate programs, but use links to others, too. HyperVRE is an integral part of my Internet Empire as an excellent money-making program."
Derek G. Austin


"In Only A Couple Weeks...I've Noticed Increases In My Google AdSense Income. It's Exciting To See Results Coming So Quickly"

"Matt, I've been using the HyperVRE program now for a couple weeks, and everyday, I've noticed increases in my Google AdSense income. It's exciting to see results coming so quickly. I can't wait to keep putting out more sites and seeing more results (more $$). Thanks again."

Mike Krumlauf


"I Absolutely Love The Program... It's Made Developing VRE Sites A Snap"

"Matt, I'd been looking around for software that could quickly and easily make my Adsense websites when I literally stumbled upon HyperVRE. I absolutely love the program because of the no-nonsense streamline interface which takes me step-by-step through the website development process. For me, it's made developing VRE sites a snap. Thanks for a super product!"
Jay Douglas


"I Got A Check For Over $2,000 From Amazon and Clickbank, On Top Of The Increasing Adsense Profits Of About $35/day From Each Of My Sites Within 5 Weeks"

"Hi Matt, I think that people mistakenly take HyperVre as Adsense-only software. Thanks to you I got a check for over $2,000 from Amazon and Clickbank, on the top of the increasing Adsense profits of about $35/day from each of my sites within 5 weeks of using HyperVRE. The sites are perfectly designed with multi-stream income links and RSS feeds which bring customers back to read news and clicking again and again on my links. Thanks again."

Tom Ambrozewicz


"I've Only Been Using HyperVRE For a Short Time, But The Results Are Already Coming In"

"Hello Matt,
I love the simplicity of the system. I've only been using it for a short time, but the results are already coming in. It's well worth the money spent. You've created a gem that is going to last for years to come!! Way to Go!

Mitch Ripke a.k.a "Mr. X"


"Last Month I Cleared About $660 From Google...HyperVRE Really Makes It Easy"

"I've been using HyperVRE for a couple months now and have found it quite useful. For some reason, I've gotten into the habit of using "parts" of it more than others (e.g., the keyword generation tool, for instance). I've created several sites, most of which take a week or so before they begin to get any noticeable traffic, but they always produce and, last month I cleared $660 from Google.
What I most appreciate about the program is that it integrates relevant content from Clickbank, Adsense, Amazon & RSS feeds!

Being the kind of guy who likes to do things by scratch, your work has given me ideas about how I can adjust some of my previous websites. But, alas, there's only so much time in a day, and HyperVRE really makes it easy to do all the "heavy lifting." Thanks Matt, for such a valuable contribution to the internet marketing community and thanks especially for offering it for free!"

Steven A. Maclin


"My Income Has Grown Exponentially!! Each Month My Income Has Increased By At Least 10 Times"

"Hi Matt. I started using adsense in July. I chose HyperVRE to build adsense pages in August. I took the better part of the month to set up my first site. Once I figured out how to integrate the templates with my site designs I've been able to start using the potential of this great piece of software. I'm still fine tuning my sites by refining content and tightening integration so I have yet to throttle up HyperVRE.

My income from Adsense continues to grow. What is most amazing is that while my effort has remained the same at one site per month, income has grown exponentially. Each month my income has increased by at least 10 times going from cents to dollars to tens of dollars in 3 months."

Brian Hack


"HyperVRE Has Been My Adsense Savior! I Am Now Seeing Adsense Profits In Niches That I'd Never Thought Was Possible"

"Howdy Matt - I have been doing business online for over 7 years and had NEVER made a dime with Adsense UNTIL I started using your software! HyperVRE has been my Adsense savior! I am now seeing Adsense profits in niches that I'd never thought was possible. Thank you for all your insight and hard work! Warmest regards."

Jeffrey Levesque


"My Adsense Income Is Already $200 Per Month, And It Is Growing EVERYDAY!"

"Matt, I have now created 5 sites using HyperVRE. My Adsense income is already $200 per month, and it is growing everyday. I think people should realize how powerful HyperVRE really is since you can use other affiliate tools with HyperVRE as well. That's powerful stuff you just can't get anywhere else!"

Jamie Ratliff


"My Adsense Income Increased From
$5 Per Day To $19 Per Day. Adsense Paid For My Hypervre Gold In No Time!"

"Matt, Downloading HyperVRE was the BEST Adsense decision I made in a long time, my Adsense income increased from $5 a day to $19 per day. Adsense paid for my Hypervre Gold in no time!"

Stephen Mooney


"My Earnings Went From Less Than $2.00 Total in September To Over $100 in October."

"Matt - I just started making Adsense sites in September. HyperVRE was one of the first applications that I used to create sites. My earnings went from less than $2.00 total in September to over $100 in October. Who knows where my future results will go. Thanks."

Kevin Finney


"I've Jumped From $1 Per Day to
$20 Per Day In Adsense Earnings In ONLY 7 Days!"

"Matt, HyperVRE has been one of my best investments online. Not too long ago, my Adsense revenue from my only site was averaging only about 0.50 cents per day. But by using HyperVRE, I started churning out websites like crazy...within 7 days I have created 30 sites. All my 30 sites went live just a few days ago. Yesterday, my Adsense earning was $12, and today (as I am writing this), it is $19... and 12 more hours are left for the day to end! I guess, it should reach around $30 or more!

My jump in my Adsense income from $1 to $20 per day in such a short period of time is very encouraging. I now have a target of creating around 100 sites by the end of November. I am so excited about the possibilities. This wouldn't have been a reality if it wasn't for HyperVRE. Your software really leverages my time and creates quality websites with excellent content... Turbo Fast! Wish you all the best."

Abhishek Agarwal


"In Only 3 Weeks, My Adsense Income Increased To About $300 Dollars Per Month Per Site"

"Matt - It has been a while since I started using HyperVRE and I must say that it has shown improvement with my Adsense results. It took only 3 weeks to raise my income to about $300 dollars per month PER site. It is even better than Directory Generator in terms of generating traffic & Adsense income. I would highly recommend anyone who is just starting to learn about Adsense and want to earn some income to use HyperVRE."

Edward Han


"HyperVRE Is Fast, It's Easy, and It's Working! HyperVRE Is One Of The Main Components To My Success."

"Hi Matt,
I think I can say that I?m the typical starting Internet Marketer that wants to do everything right. And that is, right from the very first time. To do so I did an intensive "study" of all the possibilities the internet can give.

It took me 8 months of long days and especially very long nights to do all the investigations and reading of numerous ebooks and reports. Very quickly I got to one of your sites and immediately I felt a very good and sincere feeling. I know everyone?s here for the money, but your information goes beyond that.

Without exaggerating I can say that I learned most from your courses and ebooks. That?s why I started using HyperVRE. I?ve tried other programs, but from the beginning HyperVRE gives me that natural feel of understanding. Everything is perfectly cleared out, so I can intuitively start to work, almost without needing the manual ever again. Although I might be a beginner in this area, I know how to set up a business and to organize a plan. And HyperVRE is going to help me to work out that plan. It is fast, it is easy and it is working! I am very confident that I?m going to make it as an internet entrepeneur, I really have no doubts about that. You gave me so much knowledge and your other products are taking a main role into my career. Thank you in advance for sharing your brains and experience and for making such bright programs. I?m sure to make a flying start, and HyperVRE is one of the main components of my succes.

Thank you Matt and I wish you all the luck and succes that you deserve. So I can get more of these effective products and "use" your smart head to get to my succes. But that?s not all that counts.... It counts that you seem to be a very nice guy who?s willing to really "over-deliver" to his customers. MuchyDanky,"

Rick Selles


"Within One Week Of Changing To A HyperVRE Site, My Website Was Indexed By Google, Yahoo, and MSN...Even Better, My Site Is Now Ranked #1 On MSN!"

"Hi Matt,
Originally, for a month, my website was a non-HyperVRE site. Then, I decided to change it to a HyperVRE site. Within one week of changing it to a HyperVRE site, my website was indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. And the best part is that within two weeks, I was Ranked Number 1 on MSN for my Site Concept Keyword. And, it has stayed Number 1 for more than a month now. Thanks to you I could achieve this impossible feat."



"I Was About To Give Up...Now - I Am So Pleased and Look Forward To Creating A Multitude Of Niche Sites"

"Hello Matt, I wish I had purchase your HyperVRE software months ago! I can do more in 2 minutes with your software than I ever believed possible. I am very new at this business and must admit I was one of those people who found niche AdSense website creation difficult and time consuming. I truly was about to give up on trying to create such a site, because every time I tried, I got off track and ended up frustrated and confussed. I lost faith in purchasing online marketing products because I have been 'burned' before by false claims, but I decided that if your claims were true, I needed your product.

Now - I am so pleased and look forward to creating a multitude of niche sites. It is so easy that it actually makes it fun - a very remarkable process to watch unfold in a couple of minutes! Thanks so very much, for your great product and for allowing me to believe again that there are indeed legitimate programs and people like you, with very worthwhile products that are worth every cent and really meet my needs. Thanks Matt"

Doug Gray


"HyperVRE Has Helped Me Earn $200 Per Month From Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs"

"Thanks for HyperVRE. I have now been able to reduce my time with building websites. More importantly, it has helped me earn $200 per month from Google AdSense and Affiliate programs. Your sofware is incredibly easy to use. I just started to follow step by step and then started making money from it. Thanks again and again."

Thitima Sarachat


"In 2 Days, I'm Already Seeing Progress...At Lerast $1 Per Day Per Site!"

"Hi, I'm web designer from Thailand. I recently decided to become a HyperVRE Gold Member suddenly when I saw the price. (very cheap? and I said "Thank you God that I have found it!") After that, I just had to create my template and start my Google Adsense business. I'm already seeing progress. Now, I have earned money from Adsense every day at least $1 per website. And I JUST started a 2 days ago! I think this is a great sign for a beginner like me.

Lastly, thanks for your doing all that you have... You are my master model for internet marketing and Adsense. Best Regards,"

Jaras Jarasrungruangchai


"My New HyperVRE Sites Brought In $120 The First Week From AdSense...and Google Loves the Page Format!"

"Hey Matt,
When I bought an Adsense template package I had no idea how I would be
able to edit hundreds of pages and get them hosted in a short period of time. I have since purchased HyperVRE Gold, watched a few quick videos and in two days I had hundreds of custom websites published on the internet. I have been a web master since 1994 and never saw a more complete way to design sites that make money so fast and easy.

It's hard to believe that my new HyperVRE sites brought in $120 already, the first week from AdSense, and Google loves the page format. My Virtual Real Estate is growing day by day. Thanks again."

Vinny Andella


"I'm Seeing Some Great Profits From Using HyperVRE... I Had Tried Several Content Generation Site-builders, but Nothing Compares To HyperVRE... NOTHING!"

"Hi, I just had to write and say thank you because of how pleased I am with HVRE. I have owned the software for over 2 months now and am beginning to see great profits from using it. I had tried several content generation sitebuilders but nothing compares to HyperVRE... NOTHING.

There was always something missing, either the content was static or the sites were not SEO optimized or the pages left a Yeti sized footprint or the positioning of the (usually limited) advert blocks was not optimal, or not even moveable, let alone customizable!

All that changed when you released this miraculous code. Everything I needed, or wanted, is contained within this program. After tweaking the templates, which I knew to be vital, I now have a large collection of good-looking site possibilities that can be populated with any type of advertising and/or affiliate code. And the real kicker? If I was to dream some new feature up I know that it would, if at all possible, be implemented - pronto. I could not be more impressed. Best regards, and thanks again.
P.S. Gotta love the forum too"

Terry Ward


"My #1 Tool When It Comes To VRE Pages Is HyperVRE... It's MUCH More Powerful Than Article Equalizer"

"Hi Matt, At the very beginning I was skeptical about your HyperVRE software and I did not really take a close look at how to use it. Why? Because at that time I was still using Article Equalizer. Bad mistake on my part. After I had purchased some Adsense templates I took a closer look at HyperVRE. Very soon I realized firsthand that HyperVRE is much more powerful than Article Equalizer. So soon I modified the templates I got so that they fit all my needs. To use the full power I also upgraded to a Gold membership. Very cool! My pages are now even better as before when it comes to SEO and all the things I was able to add. My page has now rotating definitions, more rotating articles and the coolest thing is that I do not need a 3rd party RSS tool anymore.

All I can say till now: WOW I love it. My number one tool when it comes to VRE Pages is HyperVRE. Many Greetings from Germany"

Tony Hartmann


"I've Made $297 in Commissions In My First Month Of Using The Software!"

"Hello Matt, I love the Hyper VRE program. I have built up a sizeable downline, and I also made $297.00 in commissions in my first month of using the software. Thanks!"

Kenneth M Kirchner RN


"What A Wonderful Piece Of Software. One Of the BEST Decisions I Have Ever Made"

"Hi Matt. HyperVRE - What a wonderful piece of software. It makes it so easy to create webpages. Most importantly it has allowed me to personalize my webpages as I want. I especially like the fact that I can easily add my Google ads and my affiliate links for Amazon and Clickbank. This allows me multiple streams of income right off the bat. I became a Gold member as soon as I took a look at the free trial. One of the best decisions I have ever made."

Al Villa


"HyperVRE Is Simple To Use...and Is An Essential Part Of My AdSense Building Arsenal"

"HyperVRE has become an essential part of my Adsense building arsenal. It's simple to use and maintain, and I highly recommend it to any novice or expect alike. Cheers!"

Rodney Francis


"All I Can Say Is... It's A Fantastic Piece Of Software. Most Of My Webpages Get Into Google's Search Index Within Only 7 Days"

"Hi Matt. Well, I was one of the first to get in on this project when you first started it, and all I can say is - it's a fantastic piece of software! Very flexible, easy to use, and the updates and support have been fantastic. I have used it some on adsense projects, but mostly use it for traffic generation, and some affiliate sales. All and all, the configuration of the pages allows for easy indexing by the major search engines, and most of my pages get into google's search index within ONLY 7 days. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work."

Michael Plante


"I Have Seen An Big Improvement In My AdSense Income Since Using HyperVRE"

"Hi Matt
Glad to say I have seen an big improvement in my adsense income since using it, not as much as I'm sure others have, but it is on the up!!"

Joe Sharkey


"Your Software Is...Great And Easy To Use. Thanks For Making It Easy For Me"

"Dear Matt, I have used your hypervre software and found to be great and easy to use. Even though I devoted less than 4 hours a week, I managed to make a nice 10-12 page computer hardware website with real content. Thanks for making it easy for me. Keep up the upgrades."

Saifuddin Indorewala


"It's DEAD Easy To Use... This Is Truly Awesome Software"

"Hi Matt I just wanted to share this with you. I bought Hypervre Gold about 4 weeks ago and I have built 4 websites (dead easy to use). All the sites have hundreds of pages listed with Yahoo already. This is truly awesome software... just one request: could you stop selling it now so no one else has this edge. Kidding of course. Thanks again."

Dave Swanborough


"I Anticipate Continued Increases In Google AdSense Profits Each And Every Month From Here On Out"

"I have found HyperVRE Gold to be a great asset to the building of my Google Adsense income. The many great features have made creating article sites much easier and the many features will definitely lead to greater profits. I anticipate increased Google Adsense profits each and every month from here on out."

Jeffrey Meier


"The Software Does Everything You Claim It Can Do, Plus MORE!"

"Hello Matt. I have used HyperVRE to create over 300 pages of top quality content in record time, I then simply uploaded the finished pages to my web server and was astounded to get a listing within the first 2 weeks, since then I have added pages and links to help boost the rankings. Its all thanks to you Matt - the software does every thing you claim it can do, plus MORE!"

James Kendall


"The Sites I Have Created With HyperVRE Are Making An Upward Amount In Profits, And Are Accepted By Google Almost Immediately"

"If there is one software product, with which I can create pages in the hundreds and even thousands, dynamically and with a lot of variables in unique content & income streams, then for me it is HyperVRE. Although I am not yet earning thousands, the sites I have created with HyperVRE are making an upward amount in profits and are accepted by google almost immediately; it is just a matter of time and some extra attention in unique content - adding pages - that will increase profits even more. Thanks!"

Ray Man


"HyperVRE Is Simply An Excellent Tool. And It Is Continually Becoming The Super-Excellent Tool..."

"HyperVRE is simply an excellent tool. And it is continually becoming the super-excellent tool in front of MY eyes... because there is no other program which is updated as often as HyperVRE."

Stefan Pecho


"Your Software Is Great, Easy To Use, and Easy To Get Sites Up and Running"

"Your software is great, it's easy to use and it's easy to get sites up and running. Thanks for all your hard work, the gifts and great emails."

Penny Hoerauf


"HyperVRE Has Taken A Real Load Of Work Off My Head. There's No Other Software That Does The Job HyperVRE Does..."

"Hello Matt,
Greetings from the Philippines. Yes, great program. This HyperVRE has taken a real load of work off my head. I am really thankful as I can now add other streams of revenue besides Adsense in my sites with other affiliate links. There's no other software that does the job HyperVRE does and is as simple to use. Thanks a million."

Robert Hutton


"One Of my Sites Is Ranked #3 Out Of 5 Million Pages On Google... All Possible Because Of HyperVRE!"

"I just want to say thank you for creating such a Wonderful program as you did with HyperVRE.

As an Internet Newbie just trying to break into the market, your software couldn't have come at a better time for me. It's so user friendly that even I could pop out amazing looking sites just like the pros do.

In fact, I just checked on one of my site rankings on Google, and behold #3 out of 5 million or so pages. I'm sending you a screen shot. All possible because of HyperVRE. Many many thanks! "

Lloyd Thompson


"Love Your Program - It Is VERY Easy To Use"

"Hi Matt, Love your program - it is very easy to use. And, it creates beautiful pages. I just built 2 good looking sites with HyperVRE, just waiting to get indexed by the search engines. If it's like the other sites, it won't take long at all. Thanks for the program."

Eugene Cheung


"I'm So Happy I Became A HyperVRE Gold Member"

"Dear Matt, I'm so happy I became a HyperVre Gold Member and have this amazing tool at my free disposal."

Bo Stanley Larsen


"I Have Tried Others, But Without Doubt HyperVRE Is Delivering Results Far Greater Than I Expected... Cannot Praise It Enough!"

"I jumped into the software straight away with out realizing just how good it is. Once I realized my head was spinning with ideas that I wanted to get up and running with.

Once you become familiar with the software it's amazing how powerful it really is. I have tried others, but without doubt hypervre is delivering results far greater than I expected. Cannot praise it enough well worth the investment and would urge all serious would-be Adsense gurus with the free version to get the full one immediately."

Neil Mercer


"What's Under The Hood Is The Powerful Flexibility In Creating Websites That Rock...From an SEO Standpoint, RSS, Article Pages and More..."

"I've seen several quick and dirty site making programs, and at first glance, HyperVRE looked like just another one to add to the virtual pile. But I'm thrilled I took a second glance and I'm hoping more people WON'T, for the sake of my sites (haha? Sorry Matt). What's under the hood is the powerful flexibility in creating websites that rock, from an SEO standpoint, site flexibility, RSS, article pages and more... Thanks for a great program."

Dave Turo-Shields


"I See Your Tool As Critical Infrastructure For Any Serious Online Marketer"

"Hi Matt, The tools are great and support even better. I'm an online newbie, but am already using HyperVRE as a toolset to get myself organized for success. I see your tool as critical infrastructure for any serious online marketer. By adding Market Research and List Segmentation--this tool offers multiple uses to drive both revenue and drive traffic to create lists."

Greg Holman
Specialty Markets Research


"It's Pure Genius! Matt Made My Life So Much Easier, and More Profitable"

"I have to tell you how simple Matt has made making money with AdSense. I have been running my business online over a year and a half now with numerous websites. I used to spend hours making my AdSense sites until Matt made my life so much easier, and more profitable. It's pure genius! Simple to use format and content is a win-win when it comes to making your own AdSense websites. I can't say enough good things about this product. If you want to simplify your life, and increase your bottom line, its a must have!"

Kim DeMonte


"With HyperVRE I Was Able To Churn Out 3 Highly Customized and Content-Rich Websites In Virtually No Time! My ONLY Regret Is That I Did Not Find This Software Sooner"

"Hi Matt, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the HyperVRE gold program. I have been trying desperately to build an income with AdSense for some time now but have not been successful because of a lack of time to devote to building new websites. Now, with HyperVRE I was able to churn out 3 highly customized and content-rich websites in virtually no time!! I love working with this software and will continue to build new sites in different markets and watch my adsense empire expand literally from the ground UP. My only regret is that I did not find this software sooner. Thanks again."

James "Scott" Lamon


"Whenever I Find A Tool That Makes My Life Easier and Frees Up My Valuable Time, I Jump All Over It. HyperVRE Is One Of Those Tools!"

"Hi Matt, I have just recently started using HyperVRE and I wish I had done so much earlier. I seem to waste so much time on the mundane tasks that should be automated. Whenever I find a tool that makes my life easier and frees up my valuable time, I jump all over it. HyperVRE is one of those tools! I am in the process of creating hundreds of very targeted niche sites using HyperVRE and will keep you posted on how it goes. HyperVRE is making this process so easy, I can't believe it took me so long find HyperVRE. I'm kicking myself in the butt as we speak. Many thanks and keep up the great work!"

Bruce McCulloch


"HyperVRE Can Help Anybody Who Is 99% Brain-Dead Make Money Online!"

"HyperVRE can help anybody who is 99% braindead make money online! It's that easy. The time it takes to build a site and get it monetized takes just a couple of days. This is a true time saver with built in features that everyone should definitely take advantage of."

Matt West


"I Have Been Able To Successfully Create Several Revenue Generating Websites With The Help Of HyperVRE"

"I have been able to successfuly create several revenue generating websites with the help of HyperVRE. As I am new to the internet marketing world this was an invaluable purchase."

Peter Scott


"I Can Make 100 Nice Sites In Just An Hour"

"Hi Matt,
I have just finished my first niche site with HyperVRE, and I think it's an amazing software. I only spent a little time to find out how to create my site, and now I feel I can repeat these steps to make 100 nice sites in just an hour. I couldn't have done it without the help of HyperVRE. Thanks!"

Peter Kristoffersen


"My AdSense and ClickBank Profits Have Increased!"

"Hey Matt, Just wanted to drop you a quick email about the HyperVRE program. Since I started using it, I've seen three interesting things happening.

  1. My sites started getting indexed much faster.
  2. I've started getting REAL backlinks to a few of the sites because they look like real, quality sites.
  3. My AdSsense and ClickBank profits have increased!

I KNOW this is because of the HyperVRE program and I wanted to send you a big "THANK YOU" for not only thinking of the program but actually moving forward and having it created. You got the good stuff my friend. To Your Success,"

Ray McNally


"HyperVRE Is Simply Amazing and Has Opened Up A Whole New Avenue Of Previously Unexplored Profits For Me"

"I absolutely love the ease of use and functionality of HyperVRE. I became a Gold member and boy am I glad I did. HyperVRE is simply amazing and has opened up a whole new avenue of previously unexplored profits for me. I can't wait to see what next year brings with all of my new optimized sites I have planned!"

Mel Possehl


"I Got My First Click And Income From AdSense Within Hours Of Creating My First HyperVRE Site"

"Hi Matt,
I got my first click and income from AdSense within hours of creating my first HyperVRE site. I have been using other software but HyperVRE is SO easy to use and time-saving I won't be using anything else in future. The articles feature is a real killer! Thanks again for a great program."

Helen Bassett


"For A Beginner Like Me, It's Just What I Had Been Searching For!"

"Hi Matt, HyperVRE solves all my problems in one easy software package. It simplifies all the steps required to blast out revenue generating sites and does all the hard work for you. For a beginner like me it's just what I had been searching for! Thanks to Matt and HyperVRE I'm well on way to establishing my own independent business in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. Thanks Matt"

Hugh Duddy


"My Site Is Now Making Me A Steady Income Every Month"

"Hi Matt, You said HyperVRE was nice and simple to use and boy were you right. Even I can make website that looks good now, Oh, and one more thing I think I should mention... My site is now making me a steady income every month! Thanks again Matt"

William R Stewart


"HyperVRE Allows Us To Change Many Old Sites That Need A New Face Lift!"

"Hi Matt, We needed a software to help us update and change several websites quickly. We really like the interface to our affiliate accounts (Clickbank and Amazon). It allows us to change many old sites that need a new face lift! Thanks"

Rob Scribner


"I've Been Able To Effortlessly Create 50 Niche Sites Using HyperVRE..."

"Matt, I started using HyperVRE a couple of months ago and I'm very pleased with the ease and power of the software. Although I'm not making the kind of money that other people are making with their Adsense I've been able to effortlessly create 50 niche sites using HyperVRE and I know it's only a matter of time before I see some great income. Thus far I've made $11.00 in a VERY short time. That's validation for me that you can really make money with Adsense. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of satisfied HyperVRE users."

George Kissi


"Thanks For Reviving My AdSense Income"

"Hi Matt,
What a GREAT idea! When I first used HyperVRE I was so impressed with the layout of the resulting site that I went ahead and upgraded to Gold immediately. I've since given away a small number of these packages. Keep up the great work Matt and thanks for reviving my AdSense income."

Stephen Metcalfe


"I Get Great Free Content and Frequent Visitor Returns!"

"Dear Matt
HyperVRE has easy to follow video tutorials and instructions that work great with my adsense templates, I combine them with blog pages and forums to get great free content and frequent visitor returns. Thanks HyperVRE and keep up the good work!"

Clinton Barker


"With The Help Of HyperVRE, I Have Started To Earn Money From Google AdSense and Yahoo's PubNet Program"

"Hey Matt, I just wanted to let you know that with the help of HyperVRE I have started to earn money from Google Adsense and Yahoo PubNet program. Every day traffic is more and more. Thank you for the excellent program."

Georgios Katsanakis.


"HyperVRE Is My Income-Generator For The Future!"

"Dear Matt, I am a Hungarian guy who has worked with Internet Marketing for almost one year. I tried a lot of methods, ways, and ideas to make money from it. I am very lucky, because now I live entirely from my hobby on the Internet!

I originally worked solely on the Hungarian market which is very small (10 million people only). So I recently tried to start some "English-speaking" sites with AdSense too. Now I found the HyperVRE solution and one thing I have to say: HyperVRE is GREAT!

It was so amazing me that I showed it to my wife immediately and told her "It is my income-generator for the future!" Although I just started using this fantastic tool, I upgraded immediately to a Gold member because I see the point in the whole idea. So, I know that I will achieve my financial goals with the HyperVRE in the near future. Fact that my AdSense income increased already is something to speak of... and it's all due to the HyperVRE. Thanks again!"

Peter Horvath
- Hungary


"HyperVRE Has Delivered A Lot Of Traffic To My Site In A VERY Short Time"

"HyperVRE has delivered a lot of traffic to my site in a very short time. This is a very versatile tool which produces results. Thanks Matt for over delivering."

David Lathan


"I'm particularly pleased with the ease of being able to create websites with your software..."

"Hi Matt,
I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have HyperVRE. Because I am generally non-techie and have no knowledge of HTML, I was particularly pleased with the ease of being able to create websites with your software. An easier way to produce a quality site is hard to imagine. Also, being able to give away the standard version is such a great gift, and is, at the same time, a great way to market my new site. Thanks so much!"

Angela Wickenberg


"To Say That I Am Excited About The Potential Of HyperVRE Would Be An Understatement.
It's Outstanding"

"Hi Matt,
I am dropping you a line to inform you of my experiences of HYPERVRE since I got my copy only a few days ago. For some time I have been wanting to 'grow' my existing websites so I acquired some creation tools. However when I started to experiment with HYPERVRE I soon realized how much better your software is. I have big plans and have already registered some domains on which to build. To say that I am excited about the potential of HYPERVRE would be an understatement. It's outstanding. Just thought you should know."

Charles Johns


"Amazing! What A Time Saver! This May Be The Most Powerful Weapon In The Quest For AdSense Revenue On The Net"

"Hi Matt, I just want to say how impressed I am by HyperVRE Gold. We have been slowly building a nice affiliate income with Adwords and only recently started to learn how to use Adsense. At first glance, I couldn't see how I was going to find the time to efficiently produce the number of web pages it appeared that we'd need to develop our Adsense income. Then I heard the term "virtual real-estate" for the first time and the ideas started coming. Before I knew it, I had so many ideas I was overwhelmed.

I started looking for productivity enhancement tools and that search led us to HyperVRE. Amazing! What a time saver! What an incredibly productive tool. Very well designed, VERY helpful tutorials. This may be the most powerful weapon in the quest for Adsense revenue on the net. I almost don't want people to find out about it because it gives us such a huge advantage. Great work. I can't wait to see what you come up with next."

Sam Eells


"It's One Of The Best Time Saving Pieces Of Software I Have."

"I just started using your HyperVRE software and it's one of the best time saving pieces of software I have ever spent hard earned cash on. The amount of time I save by not having to manually touch every page of every site that I create including my bi-weekly build to include new articles is incredible. Please keep up the good work with HyperVRE!!"

Kevin Ramsdell


"I Never Though Any System or Program Could Be So Strong and Beneficial"

"Hi, I am very happy I invested in HyperVRE Gold. Without a doubt, I will start to make my earnings higher. I never thought any system or program could be so strong and beneficial."

Hans-Ole Wandt


"Matt Shows Your Exactly How To Get Multiple Income Streams... and Gives You A Tool To Easily Do It"

"Most of the so-called internet gurus say we should all diversify, or in online language, have multiple streams of income in order to become rich. The problem is that only a few show how to actually do it. Matt Callen is one of those few. He not only tells you how to get the multiple income streams but he shows you and even goes further beyond by giving you the ultimate tool to easily do it - HyperVRE. And the best part it, it's absolutely free. Thanks Matt!"

Konstantin Angelov


"I Can Set Up Fantastic Websites Without Knowing The Technical Side"

"Hi Matt. I am very new and just setting up my first site. I must say that the HyperVRE system is awesome - it seems a bit like magic to me. It means that I can set up fantastic websites without knowing the technical side. I love how we can add articles and affiliate links too. I am very excited!!! Thanks!"

Janet Ellershaw


"Learning HyperVRE Was A Snap...I Am Now Making Site After Site and Re-Doing My
Business Plan"

"Matt, Learning the HyperVRE program was a snap. I spent a mere 10 minutes running through it the first time. I have since spent hours making site after site, and redoing my business plan. I purchased the Gold level and found it even more useful. I am excited at the professional output, how the sites are made with content that is constantly updating, how easy it is to modify the templates and how fast you can put together a site that is very targeted for Adsense. Great work!"

Susanna Strandberg


"Any Newbie Should Start Using HyperVRE, and Begin To Taste An Actual Internet Business"

"Hi Matt. My first impression is that it's very easy to setup a website with the software. With HyperVRE Gold, manually or automatically inserting articles, rss feeds and affilate links is a super plus factor. Within the same day of purchase, I built my first website and put it online. I recommend to any newbie that they start using HyperVRE, and begin to taste an actual internet business. Don't wait... it is a low cost to start a business with HyperVRE."

Peter Lee


"It's Very Easy To Use Yet VERY Flexible To Personalize The Content For Targeted Niches"

"Matt, You have created a powerful and dynamic VRE building software which is very easy to use yet very flexible to personalize the content for targeted niche. I had spent quite a lot on other wizard builders but was not satisfied until I came across HyperVRE. I have been fervently recommending HyperVRE to my prospects because I see the potential of HyperVRE in helping others."

Biang Lim


"It Has Saved Me So Much Time!"

"Hey Matt: I just recently started using HyperVRE and I can't believe how nice and easy it is. It has saved me so much time and I am certain will increase our income. Thank You!!"

Jed A Reay


"It Makes My Online Life So Much Easier"

"I have readily seen how HyperVRE has been of tremendous help to my operation. I particularly like the keyword selection tool and the use of templates. It makes my online life so much easier and I am sure my Adsense income will increase rapidly as soon as I get these new sites online. Keep up the good work."

John Judd


"HyperVRE Does The Job The Best, Most Effectively, With No B.S. and Fuss"

"Just a short email about your product? I purchased HyperVRE Gold because I new instantly that it would help generate my niche sites quicker. However sometimes quicker is not always the best, but what makes this software different is that it adds content automatically, and via the RSS feeds. I have used XSitePro in the past, however, it still doesn't generate content automatically and you have to do a lot of manual input as well. All in all, HyperVre does the job the best, most effectively, with no B.S and fuss. Thanks."

Ronald Kelly


"The Possibilities To Monetize These Sites Are Endless!"

"Dear Matt. I've used HyperVRE for 2 months and it works great. The sites are easy to make about any subject and the possibilities to monetize these sites are endless! Working on establishing my own virtual real estate empire! I couldn't have done it without HyperVRE. Thanks you Matt and the HyperVRE team!"

Paul Harden


"It's An Amazing Product That Is So Easy To Use"

"Hey Matt! I want to thank you for putting together such an amazing product that is so easy to use. I had been looking for a way to put together solid content Adsense sites for some time before I found HyperVRE. Now, I have already made ten more sites easily in niche markets and am looking forward to promoting them for lots of Adsense and Clickbank profits. Thank you so much!"

Dave Kettner


"With HyperVRE, My Problem Is Solved... My AdSense Earnings Look Promising Now! "

"Hi Matt. I've been using HyperVRE since September and I like it very much. You know what? Before I purchased this program...the content for my website was always my No.1 problem. It was a nightmare. Now, with HyperVRE, my problem is solved! Within 1 week I created 5 websites by using your software (minimum 20 articles per site) and my Adsense earnings look promising now. What can I say...thanks a lot and looking forward to what you have in the future."

Yazid Malek


"The Best I've Seen On The Net. Nothing Compares To HyperVRE!"

"Hi Matt, just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I think HyperVRE is the best I have seen on the 'net, and I have been looking for a while now. I get offers all the time, and nothing compares to HyperVRE! It's the best!"

Sylvia Victor


"It's VERY Easy To Use and A Great Time-Saver"

"Hi, I've been using HyperVRE and find it VERY easy to use and a great timesaver. Its so easy to add content that all links together and adding affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, etc with HyperVRE couldn't be easier. I have found there are plenty of visitors to my site already and it's only JUST gone live. I built the site in just one day complete with blog and forum. Keep up the good work. I am sure my Adsense and affiliate profits will soar with HyperVRE making life so much easier."

Anthony France


"We've Seen A Substantial Increase In Our AdSense Earnings Over The Past Few Weeks"

"Hi Matt, We have used HyperVRE Gold on our website, and are absolutely delighted at the extra dimension it has given to our web pages. The contextual links set automatically within the software means that users have a truly interactive experience and our adsense ads are delivered to the user in a more natural and inviting manner. We've seen a substantial increase in our Adsense earnings over the past few weeks. Well done to the HyperVRE team for an excellent product."

Tom Norton


"It Has Greatly Enhanced My Search Engine Rankings"

"Hi Matt Just thought I'd send a quick note to say how pleased I am with HyperVRE. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and generate literally hundreds of web pages which have greatly enhanced my search engine rankings (and my income). Thanks again for an excellent program."

Paul Castle


"HyperVRE Makes Anyone An Expert In Creating Sites!"

"HyperVRE makes anyone an expert in creating sites that will stand the test of time and when Google algorithm changes. I highly recommend the Gold version to anyone who is serious about creating Virtual Real Estate properties that will make you money in the long run."

Marcio Dias


"Top Stuff! I'm Very Pleased With The Functions, Features, and Benefits"

"Great software! I would've gladly paid good $ just to purchase the software, but you offered it for free! Nevertheless, I know a good investment when I see one and forked out the money for the Gold Upgrade. I'm very pleased with the functions, features and benefits of HyperVRE, especially the keyword search tool and the related articles it pull out! Top stuff!"

Edmund Ng


"HyperVRE Is Easy To Use and Full Of Features"

"HyperVRE is easy to use and full of features that are allowing me to re-create a site from an e-store to an Adsense, affiliate site. I especially like that I can add my own written articles. The free updates are a great benefit and add to the value of this software. I look forward to using HyperVRE for many years to come."

Brad A. Boden


"This Is Definitely One Of The Coolest Software Programs I Have Ever Purchased"

"What I love about HyperVRE is that it will enable me to build customised websites even though I don't know the first thing about HTML. I love the fact that it is template based which allows one to do practically anything with it. The video tutorials are also great and the step by step instruction will quickly set you on the way to start building quality content-filled sites in no time.

Another thing that excites me about HyperVRE are the built in features that allows you to add fresh and original content as well as RSS feeds just by the click of a few buttons. This is definitely one of the coolest software programs I have ever purchased."

Ralph Akande


"Your HyperVRE System Has Been Very Helpful To Me"

"Hey Matt! Just wanted to let you know how very helpful your HyperVRE system has been for me! For a long time I struggled with honing in on what markets I wanted to focus on. One small component of your system, the top 40k keywords, is truly a gift that keeps on giving! It's really helped me to isolate the keywords and phrases I need - thanks a million!!"

Geo Sutton


"The Tools I Had Before Couldn't Do Anything Close To What HyperVRE Does"

"Hello Matt! What excellent tool you created for us. I USED to use Traffic Equalizer and Directory Generator...Not any more! HypeVRE helps me create excellent results for my new websites. The tools I had before couldn't do anything close to what HyperVRE does. Keep up the good work."

Frantisek Sinsky


"I Have Already Started Seeing Amazing Results!"

"Although I have just begun using HyperVRE Gold, I have already started to see amazing results! Thanks Matt...it looks like your hard work in putting this program together will help me to achieve my goals of financial independence within the next few months. You're the man!"

Craig Hendrickson


"HyperVRE Is A Thousand Times More Powerful Than I Thought"

"When I bought into HyperVRE Gold I expected something lightweight given the low price. When I opened the thing up and took a tour through the manual, I realized that this is no lightweight tool at all. The package is so powerful it blew me away. This is something you can wade into all guns blazing, or you can take your time and digest the immensity of it before starting to use it properly. HyperVRE is a thousand times more powerful than I thought - just take a look at way you can manipulate templates, inserts and the strength of its keyword suggestions and article retrieval and you will be stunned. And I mean completely blown away."

Ronnie Roberts


"HyperVRE Is Easy To Use, Even For A Beginner Like Me"

"HyperVRE is easy to use, even for a beginner like me. I wouldn't be able to create a website this quickly without it. It helps me a lot and saves time, too."

Prayoon Suthammarangsi


"I Know I Can Expect Great Returns On My Investment... Great Product!"

"I've only recently become a HyperVRE Gold member and it has become quite obvious that with it's many features and ability to generate hundreds of content-rich webpages I know I can expect great returns on my investment. Thanks Matt for a great product!"

Mark Schmitt


"Easy To Use and Very Powerful. I'd Recommend It To Anyone Who Wants To Earn Money Online."

"Once you have perfected your own design this software allows you to easily create great websites in minutes. Easy to use and very powerful, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to earn money online."

Mark Eckersall


"It's Very Easy To Use and Allows Me To Put Together An Entire Website In Less Than 20 Minutes!"

"Hello Matt, I wanted to thank you for putting together a great piece of software. It is very easy to use and allows me to put together an entire website in less than 20 minutes!"

Fred Hopkins


"I Know It's The Start Of My Empire... It's Very Easy To Make Great Websites... "

"Hi Matt, I have been using HyperVRE since just a month ago and I know it's the start of my empire. It's very easy to make great websites with MANY webpages. Thanks to you, I can now make my websites VERY quickly. Thanks Matt - great job!"

Alberto Cortes


"The Learning Curve Is Greatly Reduced Compared To Other Builders That Cost So Much More and Don't Have As Many Features..."

"I purchased the full version of HperVRE Gold and found it to be one of the easiest page builders I've used. Between the videos to show exactly the step-by-step process and the forum for extra help, the learning curve is greatly reduced compared to other builders that cost so much more and don't have as many features. Thank You."

Jack Kinakin


"The One I Use Most... Is HyperVRE Gold. It's Certainly The BEST!"

"Hi Matt. I am relatively new to Internet Marketing, but I do have some of the top software for web design and publishing (including Dreamweaver and XSitePro), but the one I use the most, and probably the only one anybody would ever need to enable them to produce profit earning niche sites, is HyperVRE Gold. It's certainly the best!"

Phil Fox


"The Software Gives Me So Much Confidence... I Can't Thank You Enough For Saving Me So Much Time!"

"Hi Matt, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how thrilled I am with the HyperVRE Gold package. Just finished making the first part of my first site using the package. I'm being really ambitious here, I think because the software gives me so much confidence. It's really easy to use and the templates are really professional, so need only minimal adaptation to personalize them. The way HyperVRE organizes the RSS feeds and affiliate stuff is just magic! I can't thank you enough for saving me so much time."

Dave Williams


"Wow, Wow, Wow! "

"Wow, Wow, Wow! Matt, You have put together a fantastic site. I have been looking for software to make a website and was just about to pay close to $200 for it. Then I found your software.

With your software and service I have so much more than any other 'similar' copycat application... I get amazing templates, an insane income potential, my own viral marketing system and so, SO much more. Thanks for this tremendous offer!"

Arthur Andrews


"HyperVRE Has All Those Important Backend Income Sources... It Has Taken My Website Building To A Completely Different Level!"

"Hi Matt, I am truly amazed by HyperVRE Gold! This is simply mindblowing when you delve into the intricacies of the program. And yet, So Simple!

HyperVRE Gold has taken my website building abilities to a completely different level! Not only do they look more professional, but they also now have all those important backend income sources that used to dumbfound me when I tried to figure out how to add them into my sites... Not anymore!

I want to commend you on this superior product! Rarely have I ever seen anything reasonably priced on the net that can out-distance HyperVRE Gold. I'll be using this for a long, long time. Thanks!"

Dev Hobbins


"HyperVRE Has All Those Important Backend Income Sources... It Has Taken My Website Building To A Completely Different Level!"

"Matt, I'm super impressed! Every now and then a piece of software comes along that pushes the envelope and advances website construction a couple of light years. It doesn't happen very often... and in my seven years on the internet, of the many applications I've used, only a tiny handful have made a lasting impression on me. HyperVRE is just such a program.

From it's clean easy-to-use interface to the carefully detailed training videos, I really appreciated the thought that has gone into its production and your obvious understanding of modern internet marketing requirements.

The fact that it has so many sales features built in, that I can easily add my own fresh and original content as well as RSS feeds, all geared to specific keywords, just by clicking a few buttons adds up to a huge 'must have'.

This is essential software in my view, allowing even a novice to produce high quality results with the minimum of effort and no previous programming experience. I can't wait to see what future developments may add to an already super-powerful tool. My very best wishes"

Michael Sheridan


"This One Is *THE* Best I've Worked With"

"Hats off to you on this incredible software program. I've purchased other similar programs but this one is *THE* best I've worked with.

You've placed an amazing amount of thought into the program and power for the end user. It's like you were reading my mind when you created the features for HyperVRE. It's incredible. Thanks a million!"

Leonard Manion


"There Is A Lot Of AdSense Duplication Being Sold On The Net... HyperVRE Has The Cure For That!"

"The HyperVRE system is one of the best website/marketing programs on the net. No hype here just good stuff. Apply what is being offered here and good things will happen. There is a lot of Adsense duplication being sold on the net but HyperVRE has the cure for that. Great software."

Pat Tackett


"Your HyperVRE Software Is A Gem!"

"You do not have to be a Geologist to recognize a GEM when you see one. And your HYPERVRE software is one of those gems, and I could not wait for my site to be up and running to add it to my treasure chest. I'm an extremely happy customer and will always recommend your product and your approach to Internet Marketing."

Fred Monserrat



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