"How A Frustrated, Over-Worked Georgia Mom
Accidentally Stumbled Upon The Exact Steps To
Making $154,819.96 A Year As A Super Affiliate,
Using All FREE Methods & Working From Home!

If you've ever wanted a true paint-by-numbers system that
leverages free-to-use web properties across the Internet, creating powerful money-sucking profit streams for you, then read on . . .


My name's Jennifer, but I'm better known as PotPieGirl.  

In just a moment, I'm going to show you the secrets behind daily online earnings like this:

Imagine rolling out of bed, turning on your computer, and seeing an account like that.

You see, being able to make $154,819.96 from home . . . or from the beach . . . or from your mother-in-law's (ok, maybe not there!) has allowed my family so many precious gifts, whether it's the flashier things like the new car we purchased this past year, or the weeklong vacation - both paid in full.

We golf where we want, and when we want.  Christmas this past year was the best ever, and it was all paid for in cash.
And we're just sending our daughter off to college and you guessed it, no financing needed.

I don't say any of this to brag . . . It's just that I understand what it's like to be on the other side of the fence - not being able to afford brand name . . . well, anything.  

Going without haircuts so that the kids could have theirs... Rarely ever seeing what a full tank of gas looked like.
It's the times like those when I would promise that I'd gladly help as many people as I could to elevate their lifestyle and their choices, if only I could first find a way to do it for myself.

So Who The Heck Is PotPieGirl, Anyway?

It all started in February of 2007 when my husband came from work and I, with the subtlety of announcing that we were having chicken for dinner, told him that I was going to make money online!

There was only ONE problem . . .

I didn't even have a clue about how to actually make money on the Internet, much less how to make a website.  (You should've seen the look he gave me when he caught me staring at a completely blank, white screen and I told him that I was making a website!)

Like so many others out there, I was simply overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Internet marketing information available, and each "overnight success guru" pitching me their latest miracle cure . . .

How A Few Bucks Worth Of Post-It Notes
Turned Into A Massive Profit Windfall!

I was this close to joining the 95% Club - you know, the 95% of Internet markets who enter and leave the business without ever turning a dime of profit . . .

I had mountains of Post-it notes surrounding my computer, threatening to overtake my small, cramped workspace.  On each one, the results of my trial-and-error attempts to make money online.

I just couldn't let it get the best of me - I grit my teeth and pushed on, vowing never to let my attempt at online success get the best of me.

And then it happened . . .

One of my campaigns started to make sales!  I was absolutely shocked - I couldn't believe I'd made my first few dollars online.

Searching through my Post-its, I found the exact step-by-step system I had used to create this successful campaign, and so I tried it again, sure that I couldn't possibly repeat such a lucky outcome a second time.

A week and a half went by and then . . . it happened again!  I shrieked for joy, realizing that I hadn't fallen into a bit of good luck, but rather a paint-by-numbers simple, repeatable system that I could use again and again.

Each time, it works like a champ, and has brought me to the level of success that you've now seen in my earnings screenshot.

Now don't worry - you don't need your own Mountain-O'-Post-Its (?), and you certainly don't need to spend all of the time that I did . . .

Read on and discover how I've created a step-by-step system so simple to use, that truly anyone can short-cut their way to making real money online!

Do You Want To Make More
While Working Less?  Here's How . . .

Ever heard of passive income?  Instead of trading time for money, I find it much more enjoyable to work once and continue to reap the benefits.

What's almost as good . . . I discovered how to leverage absolutely free traffic from one of the Internet's largest powerhouses, sending qualified leads to other people's products, while you collect a commission check.

    That means:
  • No product creation
  • No customer service emails or phone calls
  • No warehousing or shipping inventory
  • No cold calling or sales quotas
  • No set schedule
  • No Boss!
Sound too good to be true?

I hear ya!  Trust me, at times I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not imagining the money I'm making . . . 
But it is true, it's very real, and I can show you how to do it, too!

In fact, I've already done all the hard work for you.

I've taken all of my techniques and proprietary methods and packaged it into one easy-to-use system called
One Week Marketing.

Here's What One Week Marketing
Will Do For You . . .

Instead of weighing you down with all kinds of Internet Marketing "theory," I'm going to give you the step-by-step information you need to create multiple streams of passive income, and without paying a dime out of pocket.

Here's how it works: Every element of One Week Marketing is broken down into daily items that last . . . yes, you guessed it, a total of one week.  :)  With my system, there's no worrying about becoming overwhelmed.  Just pull up that day's action plan and follow the simple steps and you'll be well on your way to making money.

Here's what that means: I've taken all the guesswork and frustration out of making money online for you.  It's almost like having me take you by the hand and showing you how to plug in each piece of the puzzle and making money for you.

Here's just a sample of what you're about to experience . . .
  • The Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business with no money to invest  - How to get on the ground and running with no money out of pocket.  (Page 11)

  • One of the most closely-guarded secrets for gathering dynamite niche market intelligence - One of the simplest, most effective ways to gather niche market ideas, and it's been hiding right under your nose the whole time . . . (Page 27)

  • A virtually fool-proof method to Get Your Content Indexed Fast, often within just hours. While others are still waiting to get their sites picked up by the search engines, you're already off to the races, pulling in qualified traffic. (Page 30)

  • An absolutely CRUCIAL warning for those using Squidoo - Don't even think about making another lens until you read this! (Page 35)

  • What to do when your content disappears from Google . . . Been a victim of the "Google Sandbox?"  Discover how to get your content back in the Index and back to making money for you. (Page 58)

  • The must-have tools to augment your online success - Because there's simply no reason to spend countless hours slaving over your content.  Use these online tools to boost your productivity while slashing the time you spend working ... (Pages 61-64)

  • The 6 "Hot Spots" on a Squidoo lens - Discover how to make Google fall in love with your lens... The 6 step formula to send your lens on a one-way ticket up the rankings! (Page 23)

  • CAUTION - Why using social bookmarking services on your lens may actually cause more harm than good... Be sure to get the straight facts before you consider bookmarking your next lens. (Page 42)

  • A simple, no-nonsense way to ask Google what it thinks your webpage is about. In just a single minute, you'll be able to crack the "relevancy" code for good! (Page 44)

  • Conducting proper market research before ever touching a website!  
    Beware -
    The Internet is chock-full of failed marketing attempts with the "best of intentions." Know for a fact that you're selling to a hungry crowd! (Page 47)

  • Leveraging your traffic's search patterns for smashmouth blog and article titles.  How to use your current traffic to pinpoint ways to catch more of your market and stop them dead in their tracks! (Page 50)

  • Tired of watching your Ezine Articles fall from grace, never to return to ranking glory again?  Discover how to keep them pinned up at the top of the search results, never failing to deliver you more traffic. (Page 54)

  • Gain immediate and lasting focus - How to tune out the "shiny things" online
    that are robbing you of your productivity, and your profits. (Page 57)

  • How too MUCH content can work against you... Content may be king, but overkill will poison your marketing efforts! (A Conversation With Nick, Page 7)
And that's just a small sample of what's waiting for you inside. . .

You see, I've carefully sculpted each section of the One Week Marketing course to short-cut your path to having a successful online business.

It doesn't matter if you barely know how to put up a website . . .

Haven't been doing this "Internet Marketing" thing for long . . .

. . . Don't know how to write a compelling story.

If you don't even know how to pick a good niche market . . .

. . . Have driven every attempt to make money online straight into the ground.

The only thing that matters is that you have the desire to succeed and are ready to get started.

So, are you?

Book stores let you flip through the pages... and so do I!

    Want to get a FREE 18-page 'sneak peek' into the One Week 
    Marketing Action Plan? Great decision!

    Simply fill in your name and email and your free sneak peek will     be in your email inbox right after you confirm your request.

To make things as fail-safe as possible, I created an entire One Week Marketing Package for you, including:
  • The One Week Marketing Guide - The OWM plan, laid out in full.  Described in detail, everything you need to do - It's almost as simple as plug-and-play.

  • The One Week Marketing Action Plan - There's no need to keep fumbling through the OWM Guide as you're ready for the next step.  

    The OWM Action Plan takes the Guide and splits it into daily step-by-step, easy-to-accomplish goals, that way you never feel overwhelmed.

  • The One Week Marketing Mind Maps - If you're a visual learner, then the OWM Mind Maps are just for you.  

    See the whole plan at a distance and know how each piece builds upon the other, giving you total clarity as you move forward through the OWM plan.

  • The One Week Marketing Checklists - There's no need to worry about confusion, as the checklists ensure that you always know exactly where you're at, and what you need to do next.
    And perhaps most special . . .

    Before releasing One Week Marketing, I wanted a guinea pig, of sorts.  You see, I wanted to know that I could take anyone by the hand and get them making money on the Internet.

    Shortly thereafter, I was approached by a young man named Nick, who sent me a message at a private Internet Marketing community that we're both a part of . . .

    What started out as just a simple request for advice on a single webpage turned into something truly amazing as I took Nick through the steps in One Week Marketing.

    You see, within that one week, while most Internet Marketers are still waiting for Google to even find their site, Nick made three sales!

    As a special bonus to you, I've taken the messages between Nick and I and packaged it into a special report called A Conversation With Nick.

    A Conversation With Nick is practically like having me sit down beside you for a private session and taking you through the One Week Marketing plan, growing your new Internet Marketing business:

    Except for one thing . . .

    You can let Nick ask the questions that you think are too silly to bring up!

    Can this system work for you?

    Look, I've got a confession to make . . .

    I'm downright terrible when it comes to writing html.  Being honest, anything technological is certainly not my strong suit.

    But it doesn't matter . . .

    I don't care if you barely passed English, I will help you make money online.

    Here's What You Need To Do Next . . .

    Before I even mention the price, let's break this offer down.

    Let's say that you had a product that paid a $25 commission per sale - pretty average, right?

    Now let's say that you plug the One Week Marketing system into your online business, and let's see how quickly your efforts can add up:

    No. of Sales Weekly Sales Yearly Sales
    1 sale per week $25 $1,300
    3 sales per week $75 $3,900
    1 sale per day $175 $9,100
    3 sales per day $525 $27,300
    5 sales per day $875 $45,500
    12 sales per day $2,100 $109,200

    You see, at just 1 sale per week, that's your car insurance payment for the whole year.

    3 sales per week?  That's the car payments for the car you have insured.  :)

    Heck, even at just one sale a day, that's your home mortgage.

    And here's a little secret . . .

    There's plenty of products that pay more than $25/sale, there's no limit to how many times you can repeat the One Week Marketing system, you're "selling" to the entire world, and business is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    It really is just as simple as rinse and repeat, once you know the real steps to making money online!

    "Ok ok, so what's it gonna be?"

    If you're ready to take action and transform your life, then I'm ready to help you.

    In order to help you reach your goals, no matter your current situation, I've set the price of the entire One Week Marketing package at only $47.

    Not 100% sure?  Let me shoulder all of the risk . . .

    Ready to Get Started?

    Just click the order button below and you'll be taken to a secure shopping cart to process your order, and then you'll receive immediate access to the One Week Marketing package!

    To your online success!

     I'm offering you the very same keys to financial and time freedom that now allow me to dread the actual going to the grocery store, rather than worrying about how I'm going to pay for it.

    What's best, I'm even going to show you exactly how to get started with your online business, and each and every resource you will use will cost you nothing out of pocket.

    Making just one sale a week from the One Week Marketing system is worth almost 28 times the cost, and I'm absolutely certain that you're going to love it!  

    Remember, if for any reason you're dissatisfied, or for no reason at all, you have my iron-clad 60 Day "No Quibble" Guarantee, so there's absolutely no risk, and no reason not to get started today!  I'll see you on the inside . . .

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