"Who Else Wants To Create Their Own Electricity And Laugh At Rising Energy Prices While Saving The Environment And Having The Electricity Company Pay You?"


"46-Year-Old Home Energy Expert Discovers The Only Practical Method Of Generating Your Own electricity For Less Than $200 And Finally Reveals Everything, In Easy To Follow, Fully Illustrated Manuals + Step-By-Step Instructional Videos"


August 12, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Russel. Chances are you haven't heard of me before.  But if you're interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your energy bill, you'll be glad you finally did.

John Russel
Home Energy Expert, Electrician and Creator of the Power4Home System.

This is me back in 2001 working in my backyard in Minnesota.

Over 10 years ago, I quit my job as an electrician and dedicated my life to home power generation.  I was fed up with waiting for the government and corporations to solve our energy crisis. 

Slash Your Power Bills by 80% Or Even Eliminate Them Completely

I've worked endlessly trying all sorts of equipment and technology, searching for an effective method to drastically reduce your power bill and let you become energy independent.

I can help you slash your power bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely.  Plus, if you generate more energy than you use, the electricity company will pay you!  I've taken everything I've learned over the years and put together a kit that shows you exactly how to create electricity in your own back yard.

If you are worried about the environment...about increasing energy prices...and this nervous economy, there is no better time than right now to stop wasting your hard earned cash and start generating your own electricity.

Whether you want to reduce your electricity bill, eliminate it completely or even start getting paid for the extra electricity you generate, the Power4Home system is the right solution for you.

Why Pay $1000's For Wind And Solar Power Systems When You Can Build Your Own Professional System For Less Than $200!

Home wind and solar power systems have been on the market for years.  These systems work great, the only problem is that they'll cost you a few thousand dollars.  This is the main reason this technology isn't in everyone's home.

What if I told you, that by purchasing all the components individually and assembling it yourself, you can put together a complete system for less than $200 and start generating your own power right now.  In fact, that's exactly what I've discovered.  After years of extensive testing and development, the Power4Home plans are available to everyone.

I'll teach you everything you need to know about generating your own electricity using wind and solar power.  The Power4Home system includes easy to follow, fully illustrated manuals that explain everything in complete detail. 

Plus, I've included video instructions that you can follow along with step-by-step that make generating your own electricity absolutely foolproof.

Listen, we all have to do our part in saving our environment and I want to make sure as many people as possible start generating their own power at home. 

Join The Home Energy Revolution And The Thousands Of People Who've Already Started Powering Their Homes With Power4Home:

                     Power4Home Success Story #1:
"I have already reduced my electricity costs by hundreds of dollars"
  I personally installed both the solar system and the windmill for just over $200 and I am thrilled. It is much easier than I expected. I feel great now that I'm using green energy.  

I have already reduced my electricity costs by hundreds of dollars and over the lifetime of this device I expect to save thousands.

Gabriel French
                     Power4Home Success Story #2:
"Thanks for the energy savings"
I not exactly the handiest of guys. However I found the instructions in this book to be so easy to follow that I invited my twelve year old son into the act when it came to building the windmill.

Also, I was able to pick up six batteries for free like you instructed!  Thanks for the energy savings and the quality time spent with the oldest son!

Tony Wing
                     Power4Home Success Story #3:
"Thank you for creating such a terrific product"
Thank you for creating such a terrific product. I was really excited about making my own windmill and solar power system as you outlined. The instructions were very clear and your book was jam packed with helpful information. 

Thank you for the money savings and also for teaching us practical methods of saving the planet.

Adrienne Trent
                     Power4Home Success Story #4:
"I watched the power meter numbers turn backwards!"
Thanks so much for this user friendly how-to book. I was able to complete both projects in a week. And guess what? I actually had the thrill of standing there and watching the numbers on my power meter reverse and turn backwards! It was like hearing the sound of money being put back into the bank!  How glorious!

Frank Purna
                     Power4Home Success Story #5:
"You answered all of my questions about how to save money on my electric bill!"
Finally a resource that tells me what I need to know to build a solar panel and a windmill. The diagrams are great and the instructions are perfectly clear. I am very impressed.

I also did not know that this type of unit could be portable so I was thrilled when I found out.  All it took was one trip to the hardware store and I was all set.

Lois Lorimer

Why You Need To Start Generating Your Own Electricity Today?

1. You'll save hundreds, if not thousands on your power bill.  Electricity prices are rising and according the US Department of Energy they will continue to raise.  
2. With easy to follow instructions you can make renewable power for less than $200, why wouldn't you!  
3. Make extra money by having the electricity company pay your, plus you can start a side business and build systems for your local area and sell them for a profit, we will give you all the tools you need.  
4. Right now, over 90% of US energy consumption is from non-renewable sources including foreign oil, once we start making our own power, we won't have to rely on foreign countries for energy.  
5. Help reverse global warming, by generating your own energy you'll reduce demands on carbon producing coal energy plants, we all need to do our part so we can leave a safe world for our children.  
6. Choose to be a leader in your community and share this money and environment saving information with your friends, family and neighbours.  
7. You'll be able to spend your savings on other more important things!  

How Does It Work?

Building Your Own Solar Power System

You can build a very nice solar power system for as little as $125.  All the parts you'll be using can be found at your local hardware store.

This electricity works to power up any appliance you have in your home including lights, computer, television, washing machine - you name it.

Another plus is that you can take this system with you on the road or when you go camping because it is portable!

Knowing how to create a solar power system will give you the freedom to get off the grid if you want and say goodbye to electricity bills forever. If you prefer to stay connected you'll be amazed as your power meter goes backwards and the electric company actually pays you!

Don't forget the Power4Home kit comes with easy to read instructions and step-by-step video lessons to help you put together your first solar panel in just hours.

Build Your Own Wind Power System

Wind power is a great backup for your solar panels on cloudy days and during the night. A few cheap items from your local hardware store and a couple of hours of construction can give you all the green energy you need from very your own windmill.

The instructions for building this energy producing windmill are very simple and anyone can build it using materials that cost less than $50.

This easy to make wind mill works great and it look great too.  Your neighbours will think it was professionally made.  This guide shows you everything you need to build this high quality windmill.  In fact, many of our customers built more than one and sell the units for a nice profit!

Finally, Store Your Energy For FREE!

Home energy systems work best with batteries attached to the system so that you can store excess energy for later use.  The problem is, a typical setup of heavy duty batteries can easily cost $600. But when you get the Power4Home kit I'm going to reveal how I get these same batteries for absolutely FREE!

The photo below shows you a few batteries I picked up for free last week. 

Once you get your free batteries you'll see how easy it is to add them to your home energy system.

Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step Installation

There's a number of different ways to install your system and they're all covered in the books.  For example you may choose to install the solar panels on your roof or on a stand in the backyard.  We give you all the options.  Connecting the Power4Home system to your home is super easy. If fact, it's as simple as plugging in a power cord.

Remember, if you have any trouble with any part of the installation, you get life-time support with prompt response to ask any question you may have.

Here Is A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover When You Get Power4Home Today:

How Much Money Can I Save?

Solar and wind power systems typically cost $3,000 or more and even at that price they pay themselves off within a few years.  The Power4Home system will let you do the same for a fraction of that price.

Once you start generating power at home, you're going to save hundreds off your electricity bill.  The chart below helps you estimate your total savings:

Yet another thing to think about is how free home energy can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.

Most guides that you can get online simply can't compare to this one. Most are very confusing, miss critical steps and haven't been thoroughly tested.  The Power4Home system plans have been put to the test by thousands of happy people!

What If I'm Not Technically Inclined?

We understand that some people are not as handy with tools as others and that's why we've spent so much time making our manual as easy to understand as possible.

Each step is fully illustrated and we've just added step-by-step videos that you can follow along with, so even an absolute beginner will have no problems.  From the beginning we knew that if the average person couldn't build it we would not be able make a big enough change in the environment.

After completing the Power4Home package we found 25 people with no experience with solar or wind power and asked them to build the kit themselves.  I was really happy with the results. 

Every single one of them finished the project and started generating power for their home.  They were amazed, they could hardly believe how much their power bill went down and now many of their friends have the Power4Home system installed as well.

Remember, these people weren't technically savvy, they knew nothing about creating their own solar and wind power system and yet what they made looked and worked amazing!  If they can create renewable energy, anyone can.

Below are a few examples of people who were surprised at how easy it was to build and install the Power4Home system:

Here's some testimonials from my absolute beginners:
                     Power4Home Success Story #6:
"I can't believe how easy this was."
I can't believe how easy this was. It only took me 1 day to build 2 solar panels and I will be done the windmill by tomorrow.

I was able to build it for under a couple hundred bucks by following some of your cost cutting recommendations for finding materials!

Gerri-Ann Semple
                     Power4Home Success Story #7:
"I made my first windmill all by myself on the weekend."
This was incredibly easy. I made my first windmill all by myself on the weekend. The detailed diagrams were absolutely amazing and very helpful. I am going to make a couple of these so I can eliminate my power bill entirely. I can hardly wait until they start paying me to use my electricity!

Thanks again! 

Mark Miller
                     Power4Home Success Story #8:
"In fact we are pretty sure that you have saved us thousands of dollars."
I just wanted to say thank you. My husband I have been looking for months for some kind of good info about renewable energy solutions and we found it in your instructions. Thanks to you we have already created our own energy saving solar panel as wells our own turbine.  

We had no idea how easy it is to do these tasks ourselves and we are so glad we did not spend a whole lot of money on professionals to do it for us. In fact we are pretty sure that you have saved us thousands of dollars.

In fact I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about saving the environment!

May and John Ruston

Just What Am I Getting Here?

When you place an order below you are getting access to download 3 very important eBooks. These are:


These books contain all the information you'll need to build a complete home energy system including how to build a solar panel, wind generator, how to store the power and how to connect the system to your home.

Plus, For A *Limited Time* You'll Get Almost 3 Hours Of Step-By-Step Instructional Videos!

In addition to the three books described above, you'll get step-by-step instructional videos you can watch any time to help you get the most of the Power4Home system, you won't find this anywhere else.  I can't guarantee this for long, I'm limited to how many I can give out!  

**Act now and start saving**

The Power4Home do-it-yourself kit is being enjoyed by thousands of happy users and now is the time you join the green energy revolution and slash your power bills or eliminate them completely. Get started below:

Limited Time 50% Discount

Invest today in the Power4Home kit and save 50% off the regular price.

By joining now you can save yourself 50% off the regular price of $99.99.

Get your copy today for just $49.97

Disclaimer: Discount only valid for customers who place order before offer expires

Order now at the sale price -

These two books are only available online from us and they are not available in any store. They are also available in the language of your choice including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German.

Why an electronic book instead of an ordinary one?  The reason is important and responsive to what is an ever-evolving market.

The demand for home energy systems is growing fast and we expect many modifications and updates to take place as the technology becomes even more in demand.  Thanks to all the wonderful feedback from our satisfied customers, Power4Home continues to evolve and improve.

When you buy information in this eBook form, there is no need to pay for updates or an additional book just to keep up with the times. You'll get immediate FREE access to all future updates!

In these 3 eBooks, you will discover step-by-step how to quickly assemble the powerful wind and solar system, all using simple tools at home, and you'll learn how to save tons of money on your electricity bill.

Pre-built solar and wind systems cost $3,000 or more AND THERE WORTH EVERY PENNY! But why would you pay $3,000 when you could do the same for less than 1/10 of the price.  Plus, once you build your own system you'll be able to replicate them.  That means for each of your friends or family, they won't have to fork over $3,000 to enjoy the energy saving you enjoy in your home.

Please note - When you click the button below you are not ordering the system. You are ordering a guide on how to create the system.

In addition you will also get a list of places where you can get discounted parts.

How To Turn Power4Home Into Your Own Profitable Small Business!

The simplest systems can be made for as little as $200.  Many people are selling these completed devices for $499.  That's a profit of $299 per installation.  And these things sell like crazy, once your first customer realizes how much electricity their saving they'll tell a friend, and another friend.  As the word spreads like wild fire, you'll be installing as many systems as you want.  Think of all the extra cash you'll make.  Installing just 2 systems a week, you could make $2,392 per month, PART TIME.

Don't forget, when you buy the Power4Home system, you own the right to build and resell the completed systems without paying us a thing.  We want everyone to enjoy these energy saving benefits.

You can even charge for installation and make even more money.  Just imagine what would happen if you managed to turn this into a full time job.

Don't think that making this type of income is not possible in your area. People are fed up with high electricity prices. People will be throwing money at you to help them reduce their dependency on high electricity bills.

Once you get the word out you will probably have more business than you can handle. 

The information in this book is not available anywhere else. Grab it while you can.

But Wait, There's Even More! ORDER TODAY And You'll Receive The Following 5 FREE Bonuses Worth AT LEAST $199.96!

BONUS #1 - Exclusive Parts Suppliers List
To make it even easier, we'll give you a complete list of components you'll need from both online and locally, whatever's easier for you.

Without this list, creating a wind and solar system for your home would be nearly impossible for under $200.

Value: $49.99 yours FREE
BONUS #2 - 83 Ways To Reduce Your Home Energy Needs
I've been looking for ways to reduce home power needs for almost 10 years.  You see, when you reduce your electricity needs, your bill gets lower and you save more money.  If your making excess power, you'll get paid even more from the power company!

I've compiled 83 of the best secrets I've uncovered.

Value: $39.99 yours FREE
BONUS #3 - Advanced Power Saving Technology
This one bonus is worth the cost of the Power4Home system alone.  By using this advanced technology that supplements your wind and solar system you can slash your energy bill another 40%. 

You won't hear about this anywhere else.

Value: $79.99 yours FREE
BONUS #4 - IRS TAX Rebate Forms
With this one bonus only, you can get your entire Power4Home system for essentially nothing. Instead of searching endlessly through the IRS website or playing telephone tag to find the right person on the phone, we've included all the forms you need to get the Tax Rebate you're owed by the law.
Value: $29.99 yours FREE
SUPER BONUS - Life Time PREMIUM Support Membership
Yes, free unlimited help, advice and guidance from me and my dedicated support team.
We've spend years researching home energy systems and you can send us any questions you may have to ensure your saving as much electricity as possible.  We will spend as much time as is necessary to help you.  In the near future we may need to charge a monthly fee for this.
Value: $199 yours FREE

Here's How To Start Saving The Planet And On Electricity Bills Now:

Simply click on the big blue "Order Now" button below and follow the easy instructions.  As soon as you've placed your order, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the 3 main books, the videos, the bonus books and our special vendor parts list.  All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.  Your purchase is protected by a 100% satisfaction money guarantee.

You are about to get instant access to all the plans and instructions you need to create electricity in your own backyard.

The books are available in 9 different languages including English Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German.

Sale Price Ending Soon - Order Today!

Your Power4Home membership will allow you to reduce or even completely eliminate your electricity bill. All for a tiny one time fee of $99.99 $49.97. To get started, simply click here to order at the limited time price.

The Power4Home manual is in PDF format and the video series is in flash format. You can watch flash videos directly through our video player with the click of a button.

Do You Want to Experience All of This for Yourself At No Risk?

My Personal 100% Money-Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am and all the satisfied customers who've used the Power4Home system and are now saving tons of money.  But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. 

Order the books today and read every word, download every bonus, watch ever video and take me up on my free support.

If you're not completely convinced that the Power4Home system is worth the price many times over, then within the first 60 Days I want you to ask for your money back.  I'll refund every penny you've paid, and we part as friends.

Plus, you can still keep the Power4Home system and all the bonus books for your trouble! 

The truth is, you NEVER have to worry about a refund.  Why?  Because once you actually start using this proven, step-by-step home energy technology you uncover in the Power4Home books, I'm confident you're going to hardly believe how much electricity your saving.

John Russel

Imagine yourself 8 weeks from now... Are you still paying high electricity prices and worrying about what your home is doing to the environment?


Are you living completely guilt free, laughing at rising electricity prices while rescuing the environment and saving tons of money?

If you're interested in learning how to install wind and solar power in your home for less than $200, you owe it to yourself to at least read the Power4Home System.

Sincerely, Your Friend,

John Russel,  Electrician, Researcher, Inventor, home energy consultant and author of the Power4Home system

P.S. - Power4Home is the leading guide for homemade renewable energy. I have to tell you now that the sale price of $49.97 will not last forever. If you are looking for ways to help save our planet than I urge you to get in while its cheap

P.P.S. Don't forget, I'm taking all the risk. If after trying this energy saving system you don't save tons of money on electricity just as easily as thousands of other customers, I'll immediately refund every penny. Not only that, but you get to keep the books free for all your trouble.   What have you got to lose, Try it now!


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